New enclosure for my Fireleg with pics

So it’s been at least a couple of months since I last posted here. Decided to give my eight-legged beauty a brand spankin’ new home. I tried to keep it simple as usual. Her new enclosure is wider but shorter, so this takes any falls risks down the drain.

Anyways, I had an opportunity to take some new shots, so here they are.

Here she is in front of her cave hide, after I nudged her a couple of times to make sure she’s ok. No worries, this girl is alive all right.

Here’s a diffrent shot of her new enclosure. You can see her old log buried in substrate and got her a larger dish just to make sure she won’t lack water when she needs it.

Closeup shot of her. Her colors are still striking and it’s been about 6-7 months since she last molted. Gorgeous !

Oh yeah, decided to rename her Fluffy in order to not fully forget my Rose Hair I once owned.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures.

I can’t help but notice that in comparison with your avatar to these pictures that your Fireleg has dulled in color somewhat. I wonder when your Fluffy is due to molt again.

Aww, 'ees a cute widdle spidey. :3

Is that habitat covered in any way? What keeps it from crawling out?

But yeah, it still looks cool. :slight_smile:

Killmore : What I have on my avatar is likely a freshly molted adult specimen. Mine is still juvenile/sub-adult and has a few years of growing before it gets that intensity in coloration.

Trillian : She’s quite a cutie, ain’t she ? :wink:

Wil : Of course I have a lid for the tank :stuck_out_tongue: I took it off so I’d get the best pictures since photographing from the sides of the enclosure isin’t as clear in detail.

Had a look at her today and it seemed that her rump was starting to darken. She may well surprise me with a molt over the next days/weeks. She’s quite due I think.

Thanks for the update! Wonderful pictures as usual.