New Dirge Of Cerberus Shots

Here’s a few new screens from the shooter for PS2, and I gotta say it looks pretty sweet:


And I was also reading an article on the same site and the FF7 tech demo at E3 took only a month and a half to make…and the director of it was saying that given more time they would have produced something way better.

Looks nice, although I’m starting to get why the call it “Vincent May Cry”. I just hope that the developers don’t forget Vinny can morph into beasts and don’t just keep him limited to his gun.

BTW, who’s the chick?

No idea, but is starting to look pretty sweet.

I’m not too sure how it’s gonna work out though, it has the potential to be awesome, but it also has the potential to suck.

I’m dubious of all the FFVII additions, because I never liked it’s characters too well to begin with, but this could be good.

Whens the movie coming out?

Looks pretty, so far. Let’s hope the gameplay and plot match up. But there’s just one thing bugging me about those screenshots . . .

Vincent’s shoes.

Seriously, his design is wonderfully dark and angsty, and then you look down, and BAM! He has these hugeass, shiny, golden, segmented, pointed shoes! I know they were in the original character design but I just can’t take him seriously with them on such a detailed character XD

Ah well, I’m sure I’ll survive.

Advent Children? September.

That’s supposed to be for both the US and Japan but I reckon there’ll probably be a couple of delay’s.

There’s no word of a European release so far, but hopefully there will be one, or else Squeenix’ll be letting down millions of fans.

What the Female resercher that Vincent was attacted? I know you meet her if take a up a tunnel.


He keeps the shoes for when he’s out of ammo and needs to kill something. In that instance he just takes off one of his shoes and stabs his enemy in the face. The rest of the game is looking sweet though.

Don’t tell me it won’t be an RPG!!!
Will it be an action game?!
Final? Fantasy?? Sevennn?!

Vader: Hey, that’s my line!
Me: Um…sorry.

I think it should be called “Vincent May Cry”!

You like Devil May Cry? Don’t you, Dante look-alike?

Looks terrible.

Square is really going down the drain.
All I see them doing now days is whoring sequels and spin-offs to a game that honestly wasn’t that great to begin with.

I don’t think Lucretia is in this game… she died in FF7. Atleast, I think she died. Hmm, well she might be in it. that’s one to ponder.

the game looks pretty sweet… although one thing I’m worried about is the voices. It’s always with the damn voices on now a days games. hopefully they don’t SUCK.

Lucretia is very much alive. She just… vanished without a trace.

hmmm I guess she did just disapear. She was a very mysterious character… I rather liked that part of the FF7 story.

I heard that there is another game set before FF7 other than BC. I thought this was it. If they keep the Voices from AC. Vincent’s Jap Voice is great for him. I imagne his lines with that voice.

Rember Chlideren that there is AC, BC, CC and this is DC.


Anyone know what the anime that comes with AC is about?