New content (FFCC/X-2/XI) contribution

I’m afraid that I’ve gone through three New Content positions within the last few months without having a single concrete thing done. I’m really getting desperate for the info for these games. I’ve rethought my ideas on this and I’ve made a decision.

I will no longer be asking for a “staffer” to take care of all new content. Instead, I’m opening it up to the public. If anyone would like to contribute a character/place/story page for FFCC or FFXI, or to complete the story page from FFX to include FFX-2 info, here’s what you do: Download or copy/paste a page from one of the other games, and modify it (i.e. keep the same format but change the content). Then e-mail it to me at

I will accept any HTML format, Microsoft Word format (Word '97 or below, since that’s the latest version I have), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or plain text. DO NOT include any images, fancy backgrounds, layout, etc. Just the formatted text, please.

Once I get a contribution, I will post it here to be deconstructed by others to make sure it’s accurate.

I am also looking for additions/changed to all our other pages (such as transportation, species, etc.) to incorporate FFCC and FFXI info. You just have to send me the new entries for those pages; plain text is fine (you don’t have to redownload/edit the entire page).

I urge everyone to contribute whatever you can. :sunglasses: Thanks!

I could put together the FFX - FFX-2 thing if you’d like. I’d just have to save all of the FFX pages (Places, Characters, Species, etc) and edit those, right? I’d rather not do a plot synopsis though.

No, I’ve got the info for everything but the story for FFX-2. That’s the only one I still need. Thanks though. :sunglasses:

FYI Cid, there’s a pretty good FAQ at GameFAQs of the entire history of Vana’diel. Of course, in the next few days, when CoP finally gets shipped to the west hemisphere, there’s going to be a lot of additions to it.

I can Buy FF11 with both Offical Addons today in the Uk… that’s if I wasn’t saving for SO3 and Pokémon.

Big Nutter
Plus I need to do major upgrading to this PC.

You know Nutter, you’re a bit hard to understand at times when you add that little message under your name.

There is no PS2 verion of FF11 and my Pc need replacing or have a major upgrade before I can play FF11.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Xelo, but I’ll stick to this method. If someone wants to adapt it, feel free (just credit the original info).
Please don’t hijack this thread, let’s keep it to official business please. And don’t reply saying “sorry” or something similar. -_-

Why dont you beat TD about the face and neck until he coughs up FFXI info? He plays it most of his free time and has 2 comps running while he does so, therefore it shouldnt be too much of a problem for him. (If beating doesnt work, grab a good ol’ tire iron, it works for every situation)

Just a Q What’s the Features part about? And How the average Joe Bloggs can do some thing about it?

Big Nutter

The Features section is about anything you want it to be about. Essays, articles, whatever. Try sending it in and I’ll post it if I like it. :sunglasses:

As for TD, he has something (two things in fact) to do already, none of which he’s done (and one of which has been on the backburner for well over a year and a half). I don’t have much faith in his work ethic at the moment. -_-

Yeah, it is TD so convincing him to actually do anything would probably take offers of sex. Doesnt mean you cant beat him around the face and neck with a tire iron though, it sure is fun.

Ok, How about this one “Theories of Viera Reproduction”?


Like I said, anything you send me will be considered, and if I like it I will post it. Now please, everyone, stop posting in this thread unless you have something pertinent to say in it.


See attached, need formating I’ve think Its clear what need formating. Commets? PM me!

Still no luck on this front. In any case, let’s start with this: I’m going to make an FFXI and FFCC hub page just so that more people will see this thread. 8p But I’ll need a blurb and a logo (both similar in size to the other hub pages). If anyone’s can do it (it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes either way), please e-mail me. And I MEANT it about the size.

I can scan in the FFXI logo off one of my posters later tonight when I get home from work.

You don’t need to scan it, I’m sure it’s on dozens of websites out there. I just need someone to grab one. I’m more interested in the blurb.

how’s this for a XI blurb:

“The world of Vana’diel stands on the edge of war, and the threat of the “Emptiness” overshadows all in the first online Final Fantasy. Stand alongside thousands of other players to combat monsters, find rare items, and protect your world; or stand alone as a brave hero. The choice is your own.”


  1. The Emptiness thing shouldn’t be mentionned so casually in the first sentence, since it’s in the second expansion pack.

  2. “Find Rare Items” <<-- Yeah, right. If you’ve ever played the game, you know that the only way to get the good rare items is to shell out hundreds of thousands of gil on the auction house, because the gil-sellers are camping the NM that drops it

  3. “Stand alone as a brave hero” <<-- Maybe if you’re a BST/WHM, but no other job can solo.