New Consoles

I’ve given a lot of thought to all the new releases and the upcoming releases and I still haven’t decided if I should keep my money for new games or if I should should buy an XBox 360/PS3/Nintendo Revolution because Nintendo doesn’t keep their promises for the release date,but it will be 200$ or LESS.The 360 is already out and my cousin has one and he says it rocks plus it has online games and considering you can use XBox games it has quite a few good games.The PS3 is supposed to…I don’t know never really looked at it…Oh well.So what should I do?:thinking:

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The Nintendo Wii will be $250, exactly. I have no idea what your blabbering about the release date is.

You’re clearly not too interested in the new consoles yet, and I’m gonna take a guess and say that you’re rather short on money as well. Thus, I’d say hold off on any new consoles until one of them has a game you just NEED TO HAVE, then splurge on that.

Or just get a Wii. You know. Whatever.

my advice is to wait untill the consoles drop in price and they release some have-to-get games :slight_smile:

I would go with the Wii. Not just because it’s the cheapest, but the release games are going to be the sweetest. There’s a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, And Dragon Quest game coming out. Not only that there’s to be a new SSB coming out after the Wii comes out.

A new SSB, which, if I made add, has SOLID FUCKING SNAKE.
Which begs the question, which system with Snake do I buy? The PS3 has MGS4, but do I really want Snake to die. No, I don’t. It pisses me off that liquid dies, so fuck you MGS4, if you kill Snake, Kojime had better Kojime-con it later. The way where he’s like ‘Fuck you, didn’t really happen’ and you’re still surprised, even though it happens all the damn time, because he’s better than EVERYONE ELSE EVER. Is you want proof, check out the unintentional triple assonance. Damn straight.

So, I guess I’m saying ‘Go for the Wii.’

I can’t wait for the Wii FPSs. That is the most innovative way to shoot. And Red Steel, the first fps, is going to be the sh!t. Gun and sword control. SWEET