New comp

I finally got to pick up me new computer since I just arrived at college. If you ever see one of these things it might just blow your mind. It’s an Acer tablet PC. It’s smaller than a laptop and only weighs like 3 pounds. It’s so small, the DVD drive is external. You can flip the screen around and fold it down to write on it with an electronic stylus like it’s a sheet of paper. It’s freaking amazing!

I dont see why you would want small computer. I’d be more worried about breaking the damn thing than actually doing anything on it. What kind of specs does it have?

Small is good for portability. I can take it to class and take notes (or goof off and doodle). Check that link for the specs. It’s apparently really tough. The salesman said that you could pour coffee into the keyboard, dump it out, and the computer would be fine. I’m not going to test that of course.

It looks stylish, but kinda small. Same question as Sorc.

It’s probably useful, but I prefer ordinary laptops. I would drop that fancy screen all the time, and I doubt it’d be cheap to replace.

I don’t use portables… basically 'coz in my country it wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours in my country…