New CIV 4 expansion!

I don’t know if anyone was aware of this, but it looks pretty intense. Civ 4 is the only game I really play anymore.

* 10 new civilizations
* 16 new leaders, one for each new civilization, 6 for existing civilizations.
* New units, buildings, and technologies added primarily to the late game.
* 12 new scenarios
* 5 new Wonders of the World.
* New diplomatic resolutions through the United Nations.
* Improvements in AI(Artificial Intelligence) making for more difficult games on higher difficulty levels and the AI will also attempt more ways to win than before.

Exciting! There is also a “corporations” feature resembling religions somewhat. Speaking of which, I hope the Jews are one of the playable tribes. Oh, and the Irish. The Celt tribe isn’t doing it for me. It would also be interesting to see religious minorities have more import. Also, I hope that the great people born to a civ were from there in actuallity. I get so mad at seeing Dante, Michelangelo, and Bill turn up in… China?

Sounds cool, but I personally couldn’t get into 4 the way I could 2 and (to a slightly lesser extent) 3. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but I probably won’t shell out for this expansion. Not yet, anyways.

Neb said it all. I feel just the same.

I worked on this game.