New Castlevania DS anyone?

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia announced.

Stars a female protagonist, it isn’t the 1999 game, and doesn’t seem to be confined to a single castle.

I’m on board.

Dude, this is way off topic, but since when do you live in THE CITY I LIVE IN?

Aslo, I’ve never played a CV game ever, but I love the music. I should get into them. They’re metroid-esque right?

Since about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I just started a Graduate program at Western.

And most of the CVs since the PSX game ‘Symphony of the Night’ have been metroid-esque, yeah. The ones on the GBA and DS at least. I’d recommend checking out Aria of Sorrow for the GBA and Dawn of Sorrow for the DS, Portrait of Ruin not so much unless you find it for cheap or are just really hankerin for more after playing those two.

If you have a 360 I think you can download SOTN now, or if you have a PSP you can play it on the Dracula X Chronicles. I’d recommend either if possible.

Huh, I heard about this a few weeks ago in EGM’s rumor mill…these things are really accurate based on the few I’ve looked into. Here’s what it said:

“Castlevania’s coming back in a big way, with at least three new games on tap: One for DS, a Wii version, and another stab at 3D on PS3 and XB360.”

So, one of those has come true already. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the third one - I’ve really been loving the 3D CV games. I wonder, then, if the Wii version will be 2D or 3D?

Man AWESOME! What grad program? How are you liking Western?


Huh, I had no idea there were more CVs coming. A Castlevania Wii sounds really sweet.

I have mixed feelings on the 3D CVs though. The N64 ones aren’t even worth mentioning. Lament of Innocence was… alright, but felt less exploratory and more ‘kill everything that moves to unlock the doors’. Never played Curse of Darkness, but I heard it was a step up. Castlevania is one of those series that never made the jump to 3D as smoothly as others, but I think its getting better, we’ll see how the next attempt goes.

And, so far so good, Hades. Western is a nice campus, at least twice the size of Memorial. I’m enrolled in the MLIS program so I’ll be here for at least a year.

I really liked Lament of Innocence, and Curse of Darkness was perhaps EVEN better. The thing that I love about the CV games (and any 3D Konami games, really) over any other 3D games is just how responsive the controls are. I always feel like I have -absolute- control, like I never have even the slightest trouble doing what I want, even if the controls and the scope of things you can do are more complicated than its 2D counterparts.

New CV, good! Btw Portrait of Ruin’s (stylus controlled) Sisters mode was cool, so I’m glad to see some mixing up.

I liked the music titles though (Aria, minuet, dissonance etc.)

I bought Portrait of Ruins for, like, 14 bucks. Canadian.

Back when CAD<USD, I suppose.