New buttons

<img src = “”>

Compared to old ones? Good? Bad? Horrible?

They don’t really go with the vB that much.

Speaking of new buttons, are those theme-colored onces I made ever going to be touched?


Yeah, I don’t really care for them…I like the current ones.

Yeah, current ones are better.

Definitely keep the ones we have now.


God! They suck!

They dont suck, I like them, but they don’t quite match the blue color scheme, they’re too bright.

Current ones. Although I use Tombstone so it doesn’t really matter, but I still like the current ones better.

the Current ones don’t burn my eyes.

Yeah, go with the originals please.

They are not that bad, but I prefer the current ones. Possbily because I’ve got used to them over a long period of time.

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<img src = “”>


current ones please…

I’ll never listen to one of Xelo’s complaints again :stuck_out_tongue:

Currant! eats the fruit


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They look like you stole them from a Star Trek LCARS display. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Star Trek and RPGClassics doesn’t fit togheter very well.

Current ones.