new avvie


that kitty looks like it could kill you… eeep! runs away to hide under bed Eeep! hides behind Cala

edit: I like your other one better.

it’s supposed to be the scared one…:slight_smile:

It looks like a huge duster with a head and paws sticking out of it.

It looks like an unoriginal offshoot of the Sparkles thing.

I think that cat looks creepy, and some what supernatural!!

I liked your old ones better, they actually went with your name. But keep this if you want, I don’t really care!

Sparkles is much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i just wanted to try something different…i’ll use it for a few days, or until i get tired of it…

It looks remarkably like my cat when you piss him off. Very nice avatar, Zhou. 8)

It looks alot like a pic that Charle made.

well, i’ll admit i didn’t make it. my mother just found it whilst she was on the internet, and it was just small enough to be an avatar, so that’s what i made it.

I have to agree with the Sparkles-ripoff thing.

I’m cuter!

Yes … and you’re slightly less agressive.


Yeah, well, you still cause massive injury, you just aren’t as aggressive.

i tells ya, it was found, and nobody else was using it! should i stop and go back to my old avvie?

I like mine better.

Yeah, but it isn’t really <i>informative</i>. Still good, tho.

only a select few avatars are really informative

Like mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Or mine.

I like the kitty in a beer bottle one better.

I have to say that the picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head is the best, even though it isn’t an avatar.