New avatar

:hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven:

That person in your avatar looks like a tranny.

Here’s a good avatar


If I made a thread every time I changed my avatar in the last month, then there would be no space left.

We can SEE you have a new avatar merely by looking at you. Don’t whore it for attention. People will comment if they want to.

I’ll comment by saying this:

Nobody cares.

Seen it a long time ago.

Amen to that

You make baby Jesus, Joseph, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Mary and God cry. PRepare for your anal violation.

Didn’t you already say that to someone else?

this thread should be called “new bee” cuz thats what you are! and that woman is like the least sexy thing I have ever seen in my life. Admiral Nagumos avatars are even sexxier. corgimaster, you arent very good.

And Buddha, just for good measure. … even though he’s from a different religion entirely … Which Joseph, by the way? The one with the coat, or Jesus’s dad?