New Atlantis

Well, New Orleans sunk. Should we start taking bets that they’re going to rebuild the city in the same awful location for purposes of nostalgia with moderate improvements in flood prevention?

What about the fat black men called ‘Bubba’ who sit on the pavement playing the sax? Are they okay? :open_mouth:

For Mardi Gras next year, they’re going to throw life vests instead of beads.

Of course they will. It would be a break from historical precedence if they didn’t. And we can’t have that.

New New Orleans.

I actually left country literally right before the 'cane hit, so uh…wha? Like actually sunk? Or did the levee break, or storm surge or what?

it’s gone.

old new orleans!

The Levee broke in two places, people drown trying to get out of their attics when the water level got to high. They say it will be around 4 months before people can actualy come back.

The levee did break, so what was left of the city was flooded after most of it was destroyed anyway after all the Hurrican damage.

Wow…holy shit.

Graveyards flooded and now there are corpses floating around too.

That’s what you get when you build above-ground tombs.

First they evacuated people to the football stadium in New Orleans, but when THAT flooded, the had to transport those people to the Astrodome in Huston, Texas. On that note we should probably hold out on making jokes for AT LEAST week. Yeah I know the city was built on a swamp, but still, these people don’t have homes, food, or fresh water to drink.

I just read that 80% of the city is flooded with waters as deep as 20 feet.

Gee, I’d go for a bit more plants in the coast now - With all those buildings there, the water ain’t going nowhere. A classic Sim City error.

Also, we’ll see how people react to this worldwide… All Tsunami again, or…? (Seeing only the countries with western tourists got real aid…)

<a href=“”> And our beloved president takes a look-see. And makes some really dumb comments.</a>

I’m not really sure what to say on the matter.

Is it me, or is Bush always cutting short a vacation to go fix something?

Well, yeah. Working on vacation just kills the atmosphere.

There’s been more than a bit of traffic in this area from buses taking people from Louisiana to Houston. A lot of the survivors are staying in local hotels, too.