New announcement

So, read it. Thread left open for any comments, keep it relevant.

Well said.

What thread is the banning related to?

And this

I see, while I disapprove of what they said, I will defend to the death their right to say it.

So you want to join them? We weren’t sure if we should add you, you were a divided case. You really want to volunteer?

What announcement?

I said I’d fight to the death, not to the ban, Jeez. No, dont ban me. I was actually defending NightmareGun in that thread. Cuz nightmare didnt even give anyone a reason to start bashing him. It was unwarrented.

Yeah I can’t see it either.

I would too, but keep in mind that their right to post ends when it encroaches on someone else’s right to enjoy their stay here. That’s why we have moderators, and sometimes they have to do their job here, even if it sometimes means doing unpleasant things.

I also will completely ignore Charlemagne’s Voltaire reference.

Well said, Zero.

You mean he’s NOT quoting Peter Griffin?

So, what, when you antagonized him previously it was warrented? Sure, you weren’t outright rude to him, but you still riled him up and didn’t stop when you obivously could see he was reacting very negatively to what you were saying. But whatever, it’s all spectulation on my part.

I didnt even want people to bash me char, i just wanted to hear people oppinions of what i should do, and u and red comet have to come in and ruin it like u always do. Oh, and u werent defending me by the way, u were just making fun of me with the rest of the people…wel most of the people.

Dont ban char, he will just hate me more, tell u the truth, i dont like char, he doesnt like me, things like that happen. If u dont get banned for this char, dont think of it as a kind thing of me to do, i just need another person to reply to my messages.

Im sorry Zero if i over did it, which i probably did.

One thing that you might want to keep in mind is that most of the people here, like people everywhere, base judgment on first impressions. That’s how people work. A lot of the people here are angrily against internet abbreviations, such as using the letter “u” to represent the word “you” or the word “ur” to represent “your,” or “you’re.” There’s quite a few grammar and spelling nazis around here, and if you don’t put a little effort into watching that, you’ll probably have a few less people taking you seriously, which can of course lead to problems like this. It’s certainly not a rule or anything, so no one will enforce anything on you, but I would suggest watching that.

ok, i just think thats a stupid reason for people to not like you, cuz if it all means the same, why not do it, I respect you mr saturn, and i will watch myself for those things, but i just think its dumb to dislike a person because of it. They need to get over the fact that this is a new era, people dont want to type all the words, in this world we try to make everything easier for mankind, and internet abreviantions are one of those things, i could undersatnd if it was a paper or somthing, cuz you would fail. If you are taling to people on the internet, you my as well do them.

Living in an era of lazy fucks is no reason to be a lazy fuck.

thats stupid though, like it or not, there are people out there looking for easier ways, not being lazy to type, they want to get more accomplished in little time, its the american dream, to live an easy life.