Neverwinter Nights

Anyone played it? I bought it years ago, put about 4 hours into it (1 of those was in creating the character…), and then shelved it, expecting to go back and play it later. I believe Warcraft III had come out, so I decided that it took priority over NWN, and never got a chance to go back to it. Well, I was looking at the box today, wearing the t-shirt it came with, and I started thinking, “that game looked fun, I should play that.” So, I’m installing it. Any recommendations as far as character, etc, or any other recommendations (like player modules I should try)?

I played with it a bit, but I really only tried the Fighter class. If you’re in the mood to just point, click, hack, and slash, choosing a fighter will work very well for you. My NPC partner was a barbarian, so we did a lot of hacking and slashing. I can’t say how magic casters would be; I didn’t try them.

Got it and the expansion, love it. The best advice I can give if you’re playing it for the first time is take the default options unless you know what you’re doing, and read all the dialogue. I’m not sure whether the game has multiple endings though. :\

Fun game. I’d recomend going to fourth level as a fighter, then levelling up as a monk. You will be an unarmed badass.

As usual, I say go Paladin!

Pick what ever you want, the game is reasonably challenging, but you can still solo 2 ancient dragons with a level 17 mage on hard.

The auto level tool is good, but at later levels it sometimes makes odd choices on some stuff. I’d suggest that you take a look at what the auto level recommends, but don’t feel obligated to do what it suggests, you can still finish the game by ignoring it’s advice.

I’m trying Cleric. I had briefly started a character a few years ago, but never got a chance to play it.

I found it to be terribly easy. The stone of recall makes the game incredibly easy. I never carried potions, realizing a complete heal and rest (for spells) for 150 or 400 gold was way cheaper than potions. Perhaps if you played without the stone, the game might pose a challenge.

I played a ranger for a while and got real sick of the game. Too much clicking and smacking things around. I’m really more of a Baldur’s Gate man.