Neverwinter Nights

Does anyone play this game? I’ve owned it for several months but I’ve just barely started playing it seriously. What I’m wondering is about the online play. Do any of you play online, or did you used to? How is online play and what exactly do you do? Is it like MMORPG? Any information, comments, advice about this game would be greatly appreciated.

No, it’s like a Table Top RPG without the fun.

Neverwinter Nights is by far one of the most flexable RPG Making tools (next to table top games like D&D).

I personally love the series and have all the expansion sets. IMO online play is the best aspect of NWN because of the plethora of creative modules that people host in multiplayer.

I once found a “Final Fantasy” mod that was REALLY well done. I only got to Garland but still enjoyed it quite a bit.

In short - NWN rocks. The only reason I’m not playing it right now as my game of choice is because I like World of Warcraft better. If it werent for that, I’d still be all over that game.

edit - as far as the MMORPG question goes. That depends. I’ve seen and played several mods that “play” like an MMO, in the sense that you start out pretty much naked and are given some money to buy things. You then are thrusted into a world filled with quests and monsters that you can hunt along side other players playing the mod with you.

So in short, yes it is similar to an MMORPG… But not nearly as “massive”. At any given time I’ve played with about 20 people in one mod. But you CAN host more than that.

Do you know of any decent servers on the game? Are there any servers that are permanent, that I can set up a character on and play as a whole seperate campaign than the real one or something?

Any advice for a monk/wizard?


lol, jk… I say Paladin all the way, but thats cause they are almost as broken in D&D as they were in World of Warcraft… lol

I’ve never heard of ANYONE doing a Monk/Wizard though, that sounds really crazy. I may have to try it out…

“Quivering palm!”

“Magic Missle!”

its like a shotokan warrior from street fighter… lol

Monk and Wizard… souldn’t exist xD
One or another? xD

I don’t see why not. Wizards and Monks don’t wear armor. I get some buffs as the wizard plus minions. I also get some nuke spells if I wished to do so. And I get to run in and bash stuff as a monk, I’m safe in melee. I get cool robes too. Maybe I’m not as buff as any other character single classed but I think its a good mix. I wanted some sort of a melee/magic combat like a fighter/mage. Fighter/Mages are so fun to play in tabletop D&D.

A mage pass all his time studying magic.
A monk try to reach perfection as a fighter and physical weapon, both by body and mind He have no time as a meddle things such as magic. All his time is taken. Monks just don’t multi-class

Sure monks can multi-class. I’m in a tabletop group now with one of the characters being a monk/ranger/psionisist.

Start off as a wizard. Go to level 3, by this time you should have 4 level 0 spellslots, 2 level 1 spellslots and 1 level 2 spellslot. I suggest you fill up your level 0 slots with <b>Resistance</b> (+1 to all saving throws), your level 1 slots with <b>True Strike</b> (+20 on next attack roll) and your level 2 slot with whatever that spell that gives more Wisdom that I can’t find is. If it doesn’t exist just replace it with the dex or str variant.

Now the rest of your levels will be spent as monk. You will require a monk’s belt (hastes you), potions of True Strike (for when your spells run out), Sandals of the Tiger (from S&F) with layered Boots of Striding and Springing. (This second power will cost you double because it is added to a slotted item (see the DMG), but since the power costs all of 1000 gp for a mage to create, you’ll end up striding for 2000 gp. The best deal in the game). Ki Straps (from Sword and Fist).

You will need the Pain Touch and Power Attack feats.

Round 1: The monk hastes himself (monk’s belt)
Round1 partial: The monk drinks a potion of true strike.

Round 2: The monk launches a 320 foot flying kick. Her base move is 80; the striding makes it 160. Doubled (for a charge), this is 320.
The flying kick (based on the Sandals) does double damage, so 1d12 + 10-15 (power attack) + 5 (strength bonus) * 2 = 2d12 + 40.

But the real fun is in the stun. Save DC is 10 + half monk’s level (7 or 8) + wisdom bonus, + 5 (Ki straps). Our monk, who started with an 18 wisdom (hopefully raised to 24 by that spell thing), delivers a stun with a DC of 10 + 8 + 7 (wis) + 5 = 30.

When they’re stunned, they’re out of combat for 2 rounds, because of the pain touch feat. What’s great about this tactic is that you can basically do it once every round, since your save DC is 30 for the stuns. The extra damage and distance for the charge is neat, but what really hurts is having a monk keep half of the opposition stunned / nauseated during a fight.

Also note that anyone who fails that 30 DC save is vulnerable to sneak attack damage from rogues. Have your rogue delay until just after the monk goes for maximum Destroying the DM’s Campaign Effect.

I have no clue as to how much this can be replicated in Neverwinter Nights <_<

None of that is reflected in the game, dude.

No offense, but that just sounds ridiculous. I guess you’re playing 3rd edition or something where that would be legal.