Never thought I'd see Xenosaga cosplay

Clearly I underestimated japan.

At least they got the right figure for the look, and the costumes aren’t bad either. Figured I’d share.

As we can see, chainsaws are a mainstay weapon even i nthe future.

OMG, MY EYES. If you’re planning to wear anything that shows like 70% of your freakin’ body for the love of god atleast have the body for it to begin with. AAhhhh!

But interesting though, I love xenosaga so I knew this was going to happen. But NOT the gut part.

Yeah, they’re not Kate-thin, but at least it’s not a re-enactment of Sailor Fat.

Its not so much that kosmos is pudgy for her role that they lack the tits for the costumes The level of detail is surprising to say the least.

Well, the T-elos chick isn’t too bad. Her skin isn’t dark enough, but the general look is close enough. KOS-MOS is a bit overweight though.

This will probably sound so nerdy (or dirty) of me, but I want a Xenosaga android chick costume for my own use. :smiley:

If so, pics plz.

I bet with money, you could have someone make one.

Of course, finding the tailor to make it and do it right would be the hard part. Moreso if you want props that go with it.

This is a joke, right?