Never in all my life...

…have I seen an Irish RPG!
This is awesome.

Sorry it would not load for me.sniff

Its short, but its fun. Sorry about the non-load. Try it on your school computers.

Less dialogue, more fanservice.

Dude. The whole idea behind this is awesome.

Seen it before, but it’s not bad.

I agree. That was funny.

Oh that thing. It’s meh.

I like the graphics :slight_smile:

Yeah they had this a buttload of times on Newgrounds…good stuff though and I like the graphics work. Is the guy that made this Irish though? Just kinda curious about the whole statement from the beginning.

Seconded. The graphics are crazy. Magnificent. I wish I could pixel like this.

((sorry, it posted my reply twice))

This was good for a laugh and a fill of a few extra minutes. :hahaha;
Go my Irish jig team! :hyperven: :dancer: :hyperven:

Just in time for St. Pagrick’s. Beautiful soundtrack.