Networking trouble

Hey. I got my printer networked and I cant figure out how to connect to it. HOw do I connect it? I wanna make it so anyone can print stuff from the laptop on the network.

In Windows XP. Its a lexmark X73. When I went in the Printer Properties, I typed under location /printer

Then I went to Add Printer under the other computer on the network. It asked for a location, so I tyepd /printer And it didnt work

Oh yeah, and Windows Help barely says anything. Their like “just follow hte directions for the add print wizard”. How uselesss

Location should be the IP number of the printer actually. Atleast, that’s how it works on my school, if memory serves correctly (I haven’t done that for quite a while, so I dunno).

If it’s not the IP, you should be able to browse to it in the \workgroup directory. Then just give the printer network name to the location.

I can’t help you more than that, sorry… Win environments aren’t my thing. =P

<img src=“”> Start - settings - printers. Right-click the icon, and select sharing. Fill in a name. Then, when wanting to print from a different computer in the network, just “scan the network for printers” on the print screen. It’ll be detected, and automatically added/set as your default if no other printers are present.

Is it connected to a machine, or does it have it own network card? The procedure to get the last working is a bit more complex than the first, as it requires you to create a custom port.

I kept doing more stuff to try to make it work today. It keeps failiing and failing:

First I shared the pritner.
Name: LexmarkX73
Share Name: printer
Location: /printer

Then I named this workation i’m on at the moment:
Copmuter name: Computer

Then I went to Printers and FAxes at the laptop right now. Hit Next. Then I clicked radio button “A network printer or printer attached to another computer”. HIt next. Then I did “Browse for a printer”. It didnt’ list ANYTHING regarding to Computer, including the printer

Then I hit back. I decided to hit the adress of the printer. First i added /printer then I tried /Computer/printer Either way it didnt work. It was so frustrating

This is also important to notice. If I ever go to Printers and Faxes and go to Add Printer on the workstation, under browse, under COMPUTER, it lists two printers. one with the adress /printer and the other \printer AND they only appear on the WORKATATION, not the laptop.

Also, another important thing.I created a folder of programs I was gonna share to to the other computer. I right clicked “share”. Then I did Map Network Drive. I did that as Z drive. But it doesnt even appear on the laptop. Not even the shared folder.

Anywas, this is also important. The laptop connects to the wireless network by plugging in this network card that is like a receiver.

Other factors. The pritner could print a test page. And, MIcrosofts Network Troubleshooter didnt help a bit.

Jeez. I am so lost. I dont know anything about networking

Put it attached to your regular computer,

since you have XP…

with xp, there are network system programs on XP, for printers or any other network thing. use it for printers. just have the printer attached to the computer and make it network allowed.

like nulani said, its 10 times easier with it attached to a computer.

If it’s XP then it should be idiot proof, here’s a few ways you can do it.

  1. On the PC where the printer is located make sure that the printer is actually shared. If it is then there should be a little hand icon on the printer icon. (I know it’s stupid to say this, but you’d be surprised how often its a little thing like that.)
  2. On the computer where you’re trying to set it up. Go to network neibourhood and click on the first PC’s name, you should see the printer listed there; click istall.
  3. Once it’s installed go to start->printers and select that printer. In the properties there will be a field called port, type the following:

Computer name is the name of the computer where the printer is located, in your case Computer. Printer Name is the name of the printer, in your case LexmarkX73.

So you’ll have:

And there you go, it should work, watch out this field is case sensitive, if the first PC is called Computer and you write Computer there’s a very good chance it won’t work.

You can use the first computers ip, but since your DHCP server might cange it once in a blue moon you’re better off sticking to the computer’s name.

I hope this helps.

I"m still confused. What computer am I suppose to attach the printer too? How the heck am I suppose to connect the printer to the network?

Where exaclty am i suppose to get started? This definatley isnt idiot proof

The printer is just connected to my regular computer. The laptop has a network card that gets signals wireless

Whenver I share stuff on my main computer, the laptop cant even find it. OR even my brother’s laptop. Even though the intenret connection is shared perfectly!