Network help

I’m in need of network help. First, the situation: I’m on ME, the other comps are XP (which I think to the be the problem, actually). I need to transfer my <strike>porn</strike>music and movies so I can avoid re-downloading them since I’m updating to XP and I don’t know if that overwrites ME and all the stuff on this computer.

Buuuuuut… I get an error trying to connect to the network.

Unable to browse the network.

Windows is unable to gain access to the network. This may be for a number of reasons.

Any ideas how to fix it?

What I’d personally do, is remove the hard drive from the ME computer and put it on the XP computer, copy all your files off, then put it back and format it. After you reinstall XP, networking is insanely easier. With that ME machine, you’re going to have nothing but problems trying to network.

Got instructions to remove/install the hard drive? And how safe/easy is it?

Just look on Google. I could explain it, but you’ll probably get a site with pictures so you can’t possible screw it up.

And I’d be searching for… ? Sorry for such a question, but I’ve had a large lack of sleep in the past four or five days.

Installing a Hard Drive.

So I’m asking GG for help and he says I should back it up… Now A) would that work and B) how do I do it?

You have nothing to back your files up to, that’s why you’d be moving the hard drive so you can copy your files. And the chances of you losing any data when installing a hard drive are slim to none, unless you get it near a magnet or drop it.

Ah. Well, maybe I can completely get around this whole mess by asking this: Will upgrading to XP ('cause the disc is meant to upgrade from 98/ME to XP) overwrite my files?

XP upgrade installation should give you an option for that.

It does give me the option to leave my files be; I just can’t reach that point. During the installation, it reboots (supposed to do that) and then it gives me an error when it tries to boot up. It says my BIOS isn’t fully upgraded or something, and something about ALCI (think that’s it).