For those who dont know what I’m talking about, go here:
Nethack is a freeware dungeon crawler, kind of a spiritual sequal to rogue. It’s fiendishly hard and can be downloaded.

For those who have/do play I’d like to use this thread to swap strategies, advice, and miscellaneous tips.

I’ve never ascended, the farthest I’ve gotten is deep enough into hell to see the Wizard of Yendor. The general strategy that got me there was using a Valkyrie, using the first wish for gray dragon scale mail, turning my starting long sword into excalibur, and sacrificing enough to get mjollinir.

Heh, anyone who doesn’t know what Nethack is wouldn’t know what Rouge is. I’ve gotten to Medusa’s island. Usually I can’t get any further than around level 15 or so.

I always die in net hack… no matter what I do ^^;;;

So I gave up on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by Vorpy
Heh, anyone who doesn’t know what Nethack is wouldn’t know what Rouge is.

Nah, I played rogue years before I ever found Nethack. I didn’t know what I was doing but I still played.

What classes to people generally favor?

I generally prefer Wizards and Monks, although Monks… they can be surprisingly hard tog et food for. And to think the reason i started on Monks is that Monks had food from the start.

I think the easiest class for dealing with hunger is the barbarian. After a few levels, they get immunity to poison and can eat just about anything, I think.

Ahhh hmmm. What grants poison resist/immunity?

Althoguh starting out with a ring of slow digestion and a healing book. Now THAT’S bliss for a wizard. And a wand of polymorph.

When I play, I am always a samuria because they get a sword and a bow ^^


Originally posted by Vorpy
I think the easiest class for dealing with hunger is the barbarian. After a few levels, they get immunity to poison and can eat just about anything, I think.

I think cavemen or orcs start with it. Hunger isn’t really a problem if you can make it past the first couple of levels, then you start finding more food than you know what to do with. I actually end up wishing I were hungrier since my character is trying to eat a monster and gain intristics but can’t bring himself to finish the meal.

That’s true. The single drawback of the ring of slow digestion. My (Explore Mode) Wizard has more food than I know what to do with.

Rings of controlled teleport are cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said, I suck at the game… the one time I played as a valk I got pretty far, then I sat on an alter, and the god got mad and send a pony to kill me :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMN YOU TD! :stuck_out_tongue:


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EDIT: Gah, misread the date. Sorry for the necro.

Haw haw

Oh well, since this thread is already bumped up:

I’ve started playing it yesterday. I must say, I’m pretty overwhelmed by it. Farthest I got is to dungeon level 5. The character handling confuses me a bit. But I’m sure I’ll adapt. Just need to read the guidebook again… again… untill I know how to handle my char with 95% efficiency. :wave:

I stopped playing that game when I was at level 4 or so, and I choked on a piece of food and died. :(. I was doing really well, too.

Yeah, TD killed me too. Never eat dead ponies.

My best down is…level 7.

Experience level? It’s 10. With a Valkyrie.

Then it’s with a Wizard. Wich died of hunger.

Originally posted by Steve
Yeah, TD killed me too. Never eat dead ponies.

Pony corpses are no more immediate threat than any other corpse. Was it an old corpse (More than 50 turns or so), if so it would have spoiled and made you deathly sick, any old corpse will give you food poisoning except for some plant life like lichens. I suppose if you were already satiated you could have choked to death, but the game usually gives you a chance to stop. I also think ponies are the only pet that DON’T give you aggravate monster when you eat them, unlike cats and dogs.

Ok folks, todays lecture is on cockatrices. These stupid things are the cause of more stupid deaths than any other creature. As you may know, they are capable of petrifying you, what you may not know is that this will bypass an amulet of lifesaving and instantly kill you. There are several different ways you can be petrified.

  1. “You hear the cockatrice hissing” Sometimes a live cockatrice (or chicatrice) will use a hissing attack, if it is succesful you will begin to be petrified. You will start getting messages about moving slower and your limbs becoming stiff. To counteract this pray to your god, use a blessed unicorn horn (I THINK this works), or eat a lizard corpse. Lizard corpses never go bad, so its a good idea to hold onto one in case of this.

  2. Eating a cockatrice, eating a cockatrice will instantly petrify you, no chance of counteracting it like in the last example, the game ends. Also if you are polymorphed into a creature that attacks by biting (dragon, vampire, etc.) then attacking a live cockatrice will instantly end the game.

  3. Touching a cockatrice corpse: instant petrification. Make sure you wear gloves before picking up a corpse. Walking over a corpse while blinded will also petrify you, since you find your way by touch. Offering a cockatrice corpse on an altar without gloves also takes you out.

It’s generally a good idea to fight cockatrices from a distance and stay away from their corpses, it’s too easy to forget something and ruin the game. Now, on to the uses of the cockatrice as a weapon.

  1. Wielding a corpse: If you are wearing gloves you can wield a cockatrice corpse as a weapon, this is an amazingly powerful weapon that will instantly petrify almost any creature. Make sure you don’t fall in a pit while weilding a corpse or go downstairs while burdened, or trip and fall in any way or you will touch the corpse and die.

  2. Cockatrice eggs: These are just as potent as a cockatrice corpse, and can be thrown to petrify an enemy without as much risk of killing yourself. Just make sure you don’t eat one. To create cockatrice eggs polymorph into a female cockatrice and use the #sit command to lay eggs.