NetHack thread.

statues just sit there, though late game ones may have spell books in them if you break them with force bolt, wand of striking or a pick axe. I play samurai, as I like dual wielding with excalibur and a katana.

Not even late game, they start generating spellbooks around dlvl four or five. It’s just that there is a far greater chance of getting a spellbook the deeper you go. Also, late game statues are often traps, as they will often turn into monsters. You can also ressurect a statue by casting stone to flesh.
Also if you find a bones file statue make sure to break it, I think most of the goodies will be inside.

Hmm. Are items named differently for different classes (specifically the Samurai)?

A few for samurai: gunyoki = food ration, osaku = lockpick, wakizashi = short sword, ninjato = broad sword, potion of booze = sake, kabuto = one of the mundane helmets, I can’t remember any others off the top of my head.

Around DLVL11 i stepped on a disguised polymorphic trap and got turned into a Silver Scaled Dragon (merged with my silver scale mail i guess). How can i turn back into my original form? #PRAY doesn’t do anything, but the last time this happened it turned me back right away.

Any help?

polymorph usually wears off eventually. On the other hand, why would you not want to be a Silver Dragon? It is far more powerful than you are likely to be at that level, and you can #monster for an icy breath weapon.

I got hit with a wererat polymorpher. Wearing but a cloak at the time, I guess they do work based off what you are wearing.

Well DS, i took your advice to heart and continued adventuring. And the monster’s breath attack was good. And the power was good. And all was very, very, good.

All was good, until about DLVL13 when i got gangraped by a bunch of golem’s and soliders. So many, that they blocked my only exit. “No matter” i said, and started freezing them with my #monster ability. It looked like was going to make it out OK, when, that very moment, surrounded by an army of monsters, i switched back to valkyrie.

;; and i died.;;

hahahahaha! yeah, shit like that happens. Oh, Ionmage, the DSMs are a special exception, otherwise polymorph is random, and does things to your equipment as appropriate to your new size and bodily features.

Royal Jelly is a substance that worker bees produce to feed the larvae of the hive. I’d suggest eating it.

And on that note, try killing and eating a Floating Eye; it gave me telepathy last I tried it. That came in handy too, as the samurai I was playing at the time had some valuable stuff stolen by a nymph, so I explored the whole level, slapped on my blindfold, and suddenly there was nowhere she could hide :slight_smile:

Yeah, royal jelly is quite an excellent foodstuff. I think it has about 1/4 the nutrition of a food ration, permanently raises your strength, and (for some strange reason) heals your legs if they are wounded.

Just don’t fight floating eyes in normal combat, they will paralyze you if attacked. First blind yourself and then attack them, if you don’t have a way to blind yourself then attack from a distance: cast spells, zap a wand, shoot arrows, throw stones, daggers, or any weapon you can find. They have no offensive power at all, so you can kill them at your leisure by finding a pile of 50 rocks and just throwing them until it’s dead.

And Ionmage, that sounds like lycanthropy. It’s a special type of polymorphing, you catch it by being bitten by a were-foo and then periodically you will polymorph back and forth between your were self and normal self. (Use #monster as a were to summon pets). You can heal this by #praying, eating wolfsbane, or quaffing holy water.

Thats what it was, but I’m rather sure it was a trap that hit me with it. At least I polymorphed for the first time after stepping on a trap.