NetHack thread.

Er… You can dig down? And I have a pickaxe, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and how do I know what these areas are named? I can’t tell shit.

You can’t dig down, but you can dig around until you find the exit. Leave no wall un-smashed.

You can dig down, (a)pply the pickaxe and when it asks for direction say “>”. And I’m not used to the ASCII version Pier, but make sure you check under all the loose items to make sure the stairs aren’t there.

And the gnomish mines are the first branch off the main path, usually around levels 2 and 5, you’ll know you’ve found them when there are two staircases heading down on the same level. The gnomish mines go down a few levels, then theres a town, then a few more levels to mines end.

Ooh, you can dig down? Sweet.

Shit, I may actually be IN Gnome mines already. Does that ‘section’ end at a certain Dlvl?

EDIT: Whoa! I got turned into a woman! What the HELL have these guys programmed in!?

it has a certain length, but I don’t remember it

Guh, I’m back in the town, but the stairs up are in one of the shops, and I’m wearing a Cursed Cloak of Invisibility, so I can’t get in. >_<

No they’re not, not ever. If you’re in the gnomish minetown then the stairs are either in the few rooms west or east of the main complex. If you see stairs in a shop then it’s a mimic disguising itself.

EVERYTHING, years ago someone commented that the devteam had added everything but the kitchen sink. Sinks are now part of the dungeon and actually have uses.

You are not serious. There has to be something you can’t do. There HAS to be.

EDIT, oh man, i used my Scroll of Teleport and ended up in another shop two floors up. I killed thr guy to get out and then at his corpse, and it said ‘YOU’LL REGRET THIS!’. I love this game.

I don’t think you can masturbate…

You CAN get laid though.

well, I wouldn’t suggest #praying anytime soon, cuz God hates you now, you cannibal you.

How would one come about getting this game?

clicka to lose your soul

Is there a way to dig up? Namely, there have been instances of getting trapped in a floor via a trap door. Hate it when that happens.

Not with a pickaxe. Maybe with a wand od digging. Lemme check.

EDIT, yes you can dig up with a Wand of Digging, and then rocks fall on your head and you die. -_-;;

Fatherest i’ve ever gotten was DLVL13, but i’ve only ever played off and on, never for the months straight it takes to master the game.

Also, what classes do you guys play as? I usually do archeologist just because i like getting the pickaxe and empty sack, and a few rations right away. (though i might try valk, because being able to get excalibur by dipping sounds vewwy intriguing.

I play as pretty much all the classes (Although I’ve never made any real progress with a ranger). If you’re just starting out try a combat wombat, they tend to be the easiest in the early game. Barbarians, valks, and monks tend to be fairly invincible early on.

Combat Wombat. Hehe.

I’m still stuck. I should probably restart, but I don’t want to lose my DSM.

Just save the game and come back to it later.

One thing I love is how stuff from previous files carries over into other games, like the ghost of a previous character.

EDIT: What do statues do?