Nethack: blessing...

How do I get potions, scrolls, and other items blessed? a spoiler I read aluded to being able to do so but didn’t say how.

Holy water is the best method for blessing your items. Getting large amounts of water is a whole other can of worms so I won’t go into that here. To make holy water stand on an altar that is the same alignment as you are, drop any uncursed or cursed potions of water (clear) on the altar, and #pray. (All the normal prayer requirements must be met)
Once you have holy water simply #dip any item into it, the holy water will be consumed if you dipped an uncursed item it will become blessed while a cursed item will become uncursed.
Holy water can replicate itself, you can #dip a stack of 10 uncursed potions of water into 1 potion of holy water to make 10 potions of holy water. (Make sure they stack, you can’t #dip one at a time)

Sometimes standing on an altar and praying will cause your god to bless your weapon.

Reading a blessed scroll of remove curse while confused may randomly bless a few of your items, but I don’t use this technique. It’s mainly for people trying to keep atheists conduct so they can make holy water without #praying.

But doesn’t that rust iron and erase scrolls?

And how do you get masses of holy water? I know about #dipping useless potions in fountains, etc. but what other ways are there?