NES Emulator question.

I know better to ask for the FF3 rom and translation here. but i won’t complain if someone should just happen to tell me where to get the best of both.

My question is about emulators. What is the best NES emulator ? I’ve tried a couple, and they have both stank.

I use NNNesterJ. It’s pretty good, but a couple of games don’t play well on it. When that happnes I fire up JNes.

Try google, Remeber to check for it’s Famicom or Nes not Super Famicom or SNES. Since the US3 is Jap6.


PM me your email. I’ve got both.

NESticle all the way

Used to use JNES, but now I like FCE Ultra.

I’ve found that NESticle has always worked for me, with no bugs apparant.

Ninten:cool: has a gazillion emulators. Try some out, and find what runs best on your machine.

If you’re still using Nesticle, you really, really need to start using something new. Yeah, it was good 5-7 years ago, but it hasn’t been updated in years and years, and frankly, it’s obsolete. I don’t use it anymore, but I keep it around, but only for nostalgic purposes. Yeah, it gets the job done, but it has <b>serious</b> compatibility and other issues (some of which aren’t apparent if it’s the only emulator you’ve used, and therefore have nothing to compare it to), and there’s really no excuse for still using it.

Use either NNNesterJ or FCE Ultra and you’ll be fine.

I’ve never tried FCE, but I use NNNesterJ and it works great.

I never even use it anymore. Never have time for games now… T_T But oh well.

FCE Ultra is best for compatibility, amongst other things. The one thing that tears me away from it from time to time is the fact that since I use a controller to play, I like to set the screenshot, frameskip and save state buttons to the excess buttons on the controller, but I don’t think it’s possible to do that in FCE.

I like NESten.

thank’s for all the help guys. much appreciated