Nerds shall be the smartest AND the most well trained! MUHAHAHAHA!

Kinekt support coming on PC. At some point. Well, if they can get motion sensing on games to work, it’s a natural step.

Now just imagine the next generation of MMOs to have you flailing around to get the job done. It will look stupid as hell, but hey, it’ll be workouts.

And moral watchmen shall have something new to blame youth violence on. REJOICE!

Iirc wiimotes have been already connected to pcs, but official support is good. However, pcs differ from consoles (smaller screens, less space), so that could have some side effects. SWING THE CONTROLLER TO HIT THE MONSTER.

I have to say, I’m not such a big fan of this new piece of technology in gaming! I personally thought the Wii was not such a great idea when it came out (me being a massive Nintendo fan! xP) however, it did become rather successful and is still on the rise… if I’m not mistaken! I think this new “Kinekt” system may just take some time for people to get used to it! I mean seeing people “flailing around” in there living room might look odd now but in some time it just may become the norm!

I already miss the days of AWSD. This is like one step closer to the ever-malfunctioning Holodeck.

But will I finally be able to use my penis as a controller?

Japan Will Find A Way.

I thought they already had something like this in Japan…
(I’m not about to go looking for it.)

oh wow. They do have one in Japan.

I just KNEW I should’ve phrased my earlier post in the past tense.

Isn’t that what the Wiimote and Move already do?

This is an important next step in immersive gaming. To be able to gesture with a wrist, to send commands with a nod, will eventually be the nature of gaming. And whether its better to flail or flip, will be the way the games will eventually play out on it

If it’s electronic, pervy, or both, it’s probably from Japan.