neo happy birthday thread

Happy birthday!

Happy Birfday! :yipee: Have fun!

Happy b-day.

Mine’ll be in just a few months.

Happy birthday Maz!

Neo happy birthday everyone!


Happy Burfday!

Happy birthday to… er… whoever birthday it is/was recently/will be soon.


:noway: - It isn’t my birthday.

:get it?: -Not yours, Crono, GG Crono’s.

:noway: -…Oh.

:fungah: -See? I should’ve been the Hero in Crono Trigger!! (Moron.)

:eek: - Don’t start that again, Magus!

Happy Burfday GG!

Happy birthday

:hyperven: Banzai! :hyperven:

I know you’ve probably been waiting for these :mwahaha: !

Ladies! Take real good care of this one, you hear?

Gives GG two of the hottest succubi in existance

Enjoy!!! :mwahaha:

That’s right, it’s my day…which means for 24 hours, I’m better than ALL of you! :mwahaha:

But seriously, though…thanks for the happy thoughts. :slight_smile:

(BTW, love the avvie, Wil.)

Happy birthday GG!

Birthday punches! p:unch::

Hey Happy Birthday GG :smiley: :cool:

Merry birthday GG Crono 4 and Merry belated birthday to Ket Shi. Hope you two had a pleasant day, here have free moogle along with punch, now Cake or death?

Happy birthday … MISTER Anderson.

Uh, that’s not what it means by “Neo.” But yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

He’s cool, he’s 18: he gets his own thread.

Happy Birthday GG!

Happy Birthday, GG! Even though I’ve said it maybe 3 times already. Enjoy the stuff I sent you!

Heh…thanks, dudes. ^^;