Needing the Linux help.

Pierson is getting a laptop for Christmas (yay!), and so Windows has finally outlived it’s usefulness to me.

So anyway, I’m thinking about getting a version of Linux for it, but there are a helluva lot, so help is needed. Anyone got any ideas what I should go for? I’d still like to use MS Word and Frontpage, but it doesn’t really need to play games or anything.

Wert, I’m looking in your direction.:hahaha;

Well, if you want to keep using MS Office, you need to get LindowsOS; They even sell CHEAP laptops with Lindows preinstalled, but those doesn’t really have that cool hardware. =/

[edit]And it looks like they’ve stopped selling them as well… -_- Oh well. I still reccommend it though. =)[/edit]

Otherwise, if you’re open to alternatives to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice is a good alternative. In that case, I really reccommend Libranet.

And if you wish to learn Linux from the ground up so you can get a Linux sys admin job and stuff, get Debian. It’s not really newbie friendly, but you learn a whole lot more about computers and how Linux works, and Debian is still more newbie friendly than Slackware. Might be too much of a challenge for you though.

I’d go for Libranet or Lindows myself, and then move over to Debian once I feel at home in those. Libranet and Lindows are also both based on Debian, so if you decide to move on you’ll probably be familiar with your system by then. :slight_smile:

Cheers.:cool: I’ll check 'em out.

I use Debian sometimes (used to use it on a daily basis) and I found it wasn’t too hard to pick up and get the basics of. And OpenOffice is a pretty good program that can do everything MSOffice can for my needs anyway. (It has a program like Word and a program like Excel, etc.)

But since Debian is the only version of Linux I’ve used I’m not sure how any others work.

Originally posted by Sohee
But since Debian is the only version of Linux I’ve used I’m not sure how any others work.

if (distro.base != debian) && (distro != Gentoo)
cout << “IT SUCKS!”;
cout << “IT ROCKS!”;

I believe that sums it all up. :hahaha;

When people ask me about laptops, I will instinctivly reccomend a Dell. If only because I have had good experiences with mine.

As for Linux, there are a lot of distribution you can use and run but only a few that are actually worth replacing Windows with. And of those I reccomend Debian and Slackware. Both aren’t very newbie friendly though.

It is possible to run both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Frontpage in Linux, but it would be better to simply replace them with equalents. Like OpenOffice.

You can read more about Linux on Laptops: Here