Needing Songs

I am in desperate need of some songs so I can finish off a CD I want to burn. If anyone has any trance/dance/techno/ambient music suggestions they’d like to share, it will be greatly appreciated^^ I am a music pimp. Though I’m not sure how many people here share my music tastes…

Crystal Method - Name of the Game

Eva, I have some cool stuff that Dragon God sent me, from Riow Arai. You might like it. How can I get this to you?

Look up some songs from Midnight Club II

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
Eva, I have some cool stuff that Dragon God sent me, from Riow Arai. You might like it. How can I get this to you?

Do you have yahoo, MSN or AIM? I have all three embarrassed look Look at my profile for my screen name’s…:yipee:

And ah yes Midnight Club I remember drooling when the commercial came out because it had an kick ass track to it. Heard good things about Crystal Meth as well. Thanks guys. Keep it coming if you can :slight_smile:

I’m on AIM right now, as JudeccaIscariot. 8)

My <a href=“”>MODs page</a> might have a few things for you. “Aryx” or “Point of Departure” are good dance tracks. (If you have MODPlug, you can easily make any MOD into a wave file that you can burn onto a CD.) But if you’re looking for “professional” songs, you can’t go wrong with “Dark & Long” by Underworld, “Xtal” or “Ageispolis” by Aphex Twin, “Block Rockin’ Beats” by the Chemical Brothers, or “Halcyon and on and on” by Orbital.

I would suggest The Cynic Project or DJ Xeojax… if you’d like some, IM me on Yahoo! – InnocenceSRT

SK, your MOD collection is fucking awesome. I used a couple of the samples in some of them for the senior song before (don’t ask me the progress of the second one, see my SIG instead :confused: )

As for music, I recommend Dj Skribble’s Tetris Remix. 0wnz.

Yeah, the MODs are all great tracks. In making that page, I attempted to cover the entire lifetime of the “MOD scene,” putting early tracks like “Capslock,” “Battle” and “Aryx” next to later, more detailed ones like “Point of Departure” and “The Night.” I think it came out pretty well, though I’m thinking of replacing “Fallen Hero” with something else.

Daft Punk - Harder, Better Faster Stronger
Eiffel 65 - Blue
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round
A Night at the Roxbury soundtrack - What is Love headbops
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

I think all of those fit at least one of the given types.