Need to perfect by tommorrow.

So any catholics in here who can give me an opinion on the content of this ? It’s a final project for my religion class.

Well, it seems too personal to me.

If you still have time, you could write more about the catholic church. Search for things like her full name: Catholic Apostolic Roman Church (I don’t know if the names are in the correct order).

Sure, following Jesus makes the catholics different from the jews - but all other christains, the muslims and some hindi follow Jesus too, to a bigger or smaller degree. The great difference is that the catholic church is under the command of the pope. The pope is a leader in a worldwide level. Asides from the pope, there are only two persons who are worldwide religious leaders, the Dalai Lama for the budists and the monarch of England to… err… I forgot the name of the church, but it’s a christain one. Catholics believe the pope is the saintest man on Earth, being the closest someone can get to Jesus. He can recognize sancticity in a person who is dead but lived a very virtuous life, and name such a person a saint. He is also the chief of state (is that the correct expression in English?) of the Vatican. That means he is like a president there, and his decisions are the law.

Also, the catholic church has records and rituals that are not present in other churchs. Among all the christain churches, the Catholic church is the one with the most books in the bible (73) and the most sacraments (7).

The Cathlic church is one of the most open and broad-minded (people may argue, but just compare the catholic church with other ones). It teaches us pacifism, humbleness (I messed the word up, but I am no native speaker so =p) and charity as ideals for life.

The English Monarch is head of the Church of England

when u say that is what makes catholics different from the jews… it might be considered racist … dont specify and say jews like you are dissing them or something…

and the conclusion… dont say in conclusion… make them know that that is ur conclusion … w/o saying in conclusion to.

You’ve got a couple of typos and grammar issues you probably want to check. Overall, it is very general with few details. You didn’t include differences between Catholicism and the Protestant sects (like the belief that during Communion the bread and wine becomes the actual body and blood of Christ and is not just a symbol). If you can get more detail in there it will most definately help.

Technical stuff:
Always capitalize God. You haven’t in a couple of places.

Conclusion page - mispelled “conclusion”, “being” shouldn’t be capitalized, the period after “donations” could be a semicolon, the period after “life” shouldn’t be there at all.

My Beliefs page - “exist” should be followed by a comma, not a period; “may of” is a colloquialism, proper English is “may have” (Note: it is a bit unspecific as to what things Catholics have changed in interpretation); the reflexive of religion is “itself”, not “themselves”; “though” is an expletive and should be surrounded by commas; “drawed” should be “drawn”; you missed capitalizing an “I”.

How to Reconcile page - “god” (which should be capitalized) should be followed by a comma, not a period; “You should apologize if you are in the wrong” should be followed by a comma since you have two independent clauses in that sentence.

How to Live and Pray page - This part is grammatically awkward, but not actually wrong from what I can see, so I’ll leave it at that because the modifications might be a bit complicated.

Signs of God page - “anything” should be followed by a comma, not a period; “us” could be followed by a semicolon (two contextually related independent clauses); you should write out the word “one” rather than use the number; “…something as small as a small sign…” is redundant, and repetition of "something is both redundant and vague.

How to Follow Jesus page - (Adjust title text size) “Jews” should be capitalized; placing a comma after “help others” is a good idea; “before” is mispelled; the last sentence isn’t a complete sentence.

Catholic’s Responsibilities page - “Sunday” should be capitalized and followed with a comma, not a period; there should be a comma after “obliged to”; the period after “with others” should be a comma; and I’m not sure, but I think you should put a comma after “hide them”.

Introduction page - “Catholic” should always be capitalized, the alternate version of the word has a seperate meaning; “Catholic Church” should be capitalized.

Most of the grammar mistakes are a result of failing to use a comma in front of a conjuction combining two independent clauses (remember FANBOY: For, And, Not, But, Or, Yet).

Originally posted by meyedilcrag
when u say that is what makes catholics different from the jews… it might be considered racist … dont specify and say jews like you are dissing them or something…

Jewish isn’t a race, it’s a religion. To elaborate on the point josh brings up: you might want to explain how Christianity derived from Judaism so it doesn’t look like you’re singling out Jews for no reason.

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