Need some suggestions

I think that’s more comedy and less mindfuck, crazy goodness though it is.

Full Metal Alchemist >>;;

The music is SO sexy. And Ed is kinda cute <<;;


Full Metal Alchemist owns all

[QUOTE=Dark Sand]Gundam SEED is the best Gundam series so far and is worth checking out, the characters have a lot of dept and personality, some you’ll love others you’ll hate. The action is fast paced and visually appealing (except for the explosions which are pink for some reason).

I got the first episode of SEED off of your fserve and I was wondering if the video should look like its in slow-motion or if its just my computer’s major suckage, but I asked Crotanks about it and I’m pretty sure he said his episodes were the same. Come to think of it, most episodes that are of quality equal to the SEED episodes cause this problem. I’m using Media Player Classic to play them. Anybody have any idea how to fix this without having to upgrade or buy a new faster computer? Oh yeah, mine’s about 5 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cowboy BeBop

Yeah I’ve noticed that some series with a great deal of fast paced animation tend to skip on some older PCs, it’s not a problem directly related to the encode, it has more to do with the amount of details the PC has to process.

must get FMA and EVA best anime ever! for some confusing laughter, it might be good to add some d.n. angel . . . just a thought


I’ve only seen 10 episodes or so so far, but I’m prepared to spend somewhere around 30 hours downloading the next episode just because it’s so GOOD!

I would definitely recommend Vampire Princess Miyu, like PeTeRL90 said. It’s definitely quite dark. TV series runs for twenty-six episodes and the OAV is four episodes long. Both are commercial and independent of each other. A good tear-jerker is Grave of the Fireflies.

I would highly recommend Jin-Roh, AKA The Wolf Brigade. Dark and a mindfuck.

I hope you have fun with your marathon!