Need some help.

Ok, I dunno if any of you people besides Ajora were old community members, but here’s basically what happened this Friday.

I e-mailed the old community leader, SFSakana, and asked if she was still interested in helping, and what the e-mails of the other commuinity leaders were. She basically said no to both (Though she didn’t put it in a way that implies she doesn’t care, she just said she didn’t have the time anymore). Now,

  1. I have a grippe of stuff, and I do plan on updating soon, so please be patient people, It was my birthday weekend so I’ve been out doing cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. If anyone knows the old community leaders’s e-mails and such (I’m pretty sure I know Dragon Flare’s, but if there were any other ones, I don’t know them), I need them ASAP, or, I at least need their nicknames so I can somehow search for them on ICQ or something else cool. It’s still their community more than it is mine.

That is all. Need a little helps here.

Sorry I don’t think I have any of the addresses really. Maybe some of them still post on gamefaqs? But that means remembering their names and finding posts by them that hopefully have the info.