Need ro relieve some stress?

Try this.

You have a “Buddy”. You beat the everlovin’ crap out of him.

Have fun! :mwahaha:

I don’t get it. I don’t see what’s funny.

I can’t get him to do anything but hold my mouse :frowning:

You have to go under the items menu, and select an item, like a baseball, and smack him with it.

Ahaahaha. This is pretty good. :smiley:

Your typo of ‘RO’ made me actually think this thread would be worth reading.

Thanks for nothing, bitch. >=(


That’s addictive.

fun ^^

I like luring him with the radio into mines, bouncing fireballs around, and the firehose.

Try putting up a bunch of superballs, and set him on fire.

You’ll NEVER put him out. (WEll, I did, but I’m not telling you how!)

Did it involve a hose? Heck, why do you need to put him out, it’s funny watching the little dude run about like an idiot. It’s funny when you hit him in the hid with a molotav cocktail. :slight_smile:

Yeah but even then, he just keeps catching back on fire due to the flaming superballs.

That’s pretty cool. Nice way to get rid of some stress.

Scripting engine! WEE!


Not bad…I think the Molotov Cocktails is a nice touch, but I need something more tangible to relieve my stress.

I like it how it lags when I shoot multiple fireballs/molotovs.

I like the goth/emo costume. When I throw a molotov at it, he screams “My make-up is dripping!”. Hilarious.

Pretty cool, I suppose. :3