Need PS2

I dont know what all has come out for the PS2 in the last year or so, or what, if any are coming along the way. I’ll let y’all suggest some, and I’ll take them into consideration.

I like any and all games, minus FPS and Sports/Racing, GTA clones and survival horror.

God of War 2 is interesting.

Played it… beat it…slightly let down by it. It still seems to be a dumping ground for traditional/Strategy RPGs. Any good ones lately?

Some people liked WA5. I hate WA5. If you’re looking for SRPGs, there’s a Fire Emblem that just came out for Wii if you have one…

PS2 RPGs of the past year that have gotten pretty good reviews are Persona 3, Rogue Galaxy, Odin Sphere, and WA5.

Why as a matter of fact, I do have a Wii. Forgot about it… heh.

If you wanna play a dating sim meets RPG , play Ar Tonelico. Its long o_o;. Since you have a Wii, go pick up Mario Galaxy along with FE: Radiant Dawn. Tons of great stuff for DS too if you have one.

I had a DS. I sold it cos I was foolish and desperate for cash. :frowning: I WILL be buying Mario Galaxy. But I’m in an RPG mood and of my systems, the PS2 is the only one still pumping out the kinds I want to play.

And no, I won’t play Paper Mario.

What is it with people selling their systems and games because they have no money? I mean, what the hell??

If you choose to sell your perfectly-well working systems over donating plasma or both your legs for cash (unless you’re an exceptionally good DDR player…then you can donate just one leg), you sicken me. >:(

I was kicking myself for months after, and I still have trouble sleeping at night. I plan on buying one again very soon. Let’s stay on topic please.

I second Rogue Galaxy. Very nice game, and has a lot of extra stuff to do for the completionist in you. I also recommend going through a local game shop’s used stuff, as you’ll find all sorts of neat RPG’s for the PS2. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and find Disgaea :slight_smile: