Need motivational help.

Right, so I’m back for a few days or so, and figured I’d get some help on this problem: I never write anymore. I have plenty of ideas - TONS of them - but I never do anything for them. Here’s a few ideas I’ve had:

Final fantasy VI “bad endings”. I came up with possible fates for the Twelve characters of 6 (before anyone says anything, no, Gogo and Umaro are not “characters”. THey’re a walking pile of stats. There’s a difference.) I posted them awhile ago in another thread, and people seemed to think i was a depressed sunuvabitch for coming up with them. But they could work. And I wanna do it.

Ogrebattle: march of the Black Queen. This game had an interesting plot to it. It was a bit minimalistic, though, so you had to fill in the gaps yourself. I want to write the story as it should have been - capture the true essence of the war campaign. This includes both the relations between the Lord (and possibly Lady) and their advisors/closest comrades-in-arms, and what it must of have been like for the people fighting in each area. It would take effort, but it would be a hell of a story.

Seiken Densetsu. I want to do a treatise on the Mana Tree, and the various incarnations throughout the series. Try to figure out how the Mana tribe is able to pass on their lineage enough to keep it going.

There’s a few more ideas I’ve had, but these are good enough to prove my point. I can see all of these stories as plain as day. I’ve written them all a hundred times in my head, can recite them all perfectly from memory. But I can’t for the life of me write a single damn word about them. It’s like they want to stay as just ideas forever.

For the record: I do have a medical excuse. I have a fucking strong case of depression that makes me lethargic and unwilling to do ANYTHING some days, and an attention span of a three-year-old hopped up on Pixy Stix and Mountain Dew. but still, i want to write. Any advice?

Sometimes I have trouble writing because I never know how to start. Could that be the problem.


Uhhh… no? When I said I could recite it all from memory, I mean I know the entire damn thing. Beginning, middle, and end. I just don’t want to write it out.

To always remember that your emotional situation need not play a part in what you do. You say you are depressed and thereby lethargic. Well, everyone is a brain and body, and every failure can be attributed to some physical-mental ailment. You may think your depression excuses failure on your part. In reality, this is the same melancholy that has afflicted every generation. The will to overcome this melancholy has, more or less, set apart all the great figures of history.

What X said. You’re going through the same thing anyone who does any creative activity goes through, and it’s not an excuse.

I think you already know what you have to do, but my advice as an artist and a musician is this.

First of all, you say you haven’t written anything in a while. Creative skills atrophy like an unused muscle. If you want to get back into your groove, start small. Write short fics about anything at all, or break your ideas into chunks and attack them one at a time without worrying about the other chunks. Think of each chapter as it’s own story and you’ll have less work bearing down on you, and you’ll find it more enjoyable to write.

To extend my analogy, you don’t start flailing your arm around the second you get your cast off. You slowly work it back in. But, you’re not creating a new muscle either. You’re just toning what’s already there. You’re trying to tackle big projects all at once after not writing for a very long time, and that’s why you’re failing.

You’ll also have to suck it up and force yourself to sit down and write like a schoolboy forces himself to finish a project the night before. There’s no other way to do it. I find it helps to talk hype into yourself. Instead of reminding yourself how much work it’ll be, get excited about it until you can’t wait to get home and break out the writing materials.

Discipline is important. There’s not much I can say about it except that it comes from constant reminders to do what you should be doing instead of wavering to other things. Discipline is something that needs to be practiced.

If you want to get these stories written, since you already know you have the ideas, you just need to work on starting to write and continuing to write until something materializes.

Also, keep in mind that advice means nothing if you don’t follow it. Reading this thread wont help you any more than reading articles on how not to crumple up and sob as my heart explodes in a miasma of boiling red liquid when talking to hot girls has helped me. You have to put in effort.

First of all, nice to see you posting again, V. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

And if you read my thread, you know I’ve been having similar problems writing. And I, too, am determined to get back into writing these days. Watch me.

All of those stories are indeed worth pursuing. My advice is: write what you CAN now. No matter what is; just get back into the writing groove. Once you do, you’ll find doing the longer stories easier. Also, do research: try replaying the games again, even if only a part, so the thrill of writing about them will be stronger. You can even switch from one story to another as soon as you feel your interest in one has decreased, and save it for continuation later.

Good luck! :cool:

PS: Is that thing in your avatar what I think it is…? Heh, same old Val. :wink:

I agree with Wil. Don’t write something already in your head, because chances are, until you get back to writing, you won’t. Because until you get back two writing heavily, you’ll probably think ‘I already know the whole thing, why just transcribe it?’ My advice would be just taking a pen and sitting down and seeing what comes out.

Join the club. >.>

Try writing at different times of the day…I find that I can write a good number of pages in the wee hours of the morning, when my brain is half asleep. I’m too tired and weirded out to be mopey then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, Val :slight_smile:

I think Hades gave the best advice really, but I’d like to add that reading some inspirational works might help. I recommend “Writing down the Bones” by Nathalie Goldberg. She makes writing sound like such an adventure - and a pain in the ass, but joyful at the same time.

Thanks, everyone. I guess I should just suck it up and try writing again. THough definitely not actual pen-to-paper kind of writing, since I can’t really write that well. Literal writing, I mean.

I’ll try to follow all your advice, as best I can. Who knows? Might have something in a month’s time to actually show for it.

I’ve had the same problem with drawing recently. Same thing: I have thousands of ideas, but I stop at the sketch, lose interest/ whatever. As they said: sit down, be consequent. Try and start writing, if it sucks at first, finish it, do it again, asif you were learning it anew. Might help.

Well, in the art department, I tend to get very frustrated because things don’t turn out the way I mean them to. As for writing, I can go for weeks or even months without inspiration, and then one day I just feel like writing, and end up typing a large chunk of the story.

Watch Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Funny, I have this problem with READING. :stuck_out_tongue: Which is really bad considering my English class requires us to do a LOT of reading. X.X

Everyone’s suggested a lot of the good stuff already. what I suggest is to clear your mind really. Don’t want a train wreck. Brain storm alot of the idea and not just focusing on one single plot and stuff; I mean like little storylines, little bits and peices that lead up to the main event. Most of all, take it easy, sit back and drink a coke.

Write from the point of a man pretending to be a woman on some messageboards.