Need Help!

I can’t figure out a way to beat a couple of things in my ff games. I need help on how to beat Ozma and The moving wall boss in FFIV (kind of sad)

So please can you give me a couple of your battle tactics on how to beat them please

Bio. Learn it, spam it like it’s Rydia’s birthday, it tears that wall up to bits.

Or use tier 3 spell if you can, but for the MP cost/cast time/damage ratio, Bio works better on that boss.

What Zero said. Bio. Although I still think in FF2 US terms, so I think Virus instead.

No, you cannot get Holy Materia in FF7. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through his teeth.

Well me and my friend saw a video on it on the web. It could of been a cheat, but to me it looked like it wasn’t, because cloud was on his chocobo and he went to an island and then he went into this place saw the materia floating and taa daa it said holy! (right now im thinking it was a cheat hmmmmmmmmm…)

Any stragities for Ozma??

Hey, if you believe that, I have a trick to tell you! I know a way to resurrect Aeris, AND get Zack into your party! =D

Hey I no that Trick too!!! its called the Jenova Project download it for your pc (thats if you have ffVII for it) and you can get Aeris&Zack in your party also you can get a chocobo and sephiroth too!! Try it out why don’t cha =P

Man, I just can’t get past Octagonal Weapon. Anyone remembers how to beat that guy?

Duh, link W-Summon to Ultimate Materia and Mime away!

Now, what about the Sapphire Weapon?

Er… hold X? I’m assuming you’re talking about Ozma.


what do you mean hold X, is that when I make the attack?

Don’t listen to Hades, he seems to be the only person on this board who found Ozma so amazingly easy that no strategy is needed. Oddly enough almost everyone else had severe problems with him. I’ve personally never beat him.

But isn’t there just one way of beating him? Another question, how do you block meteor and curse by hitting and affecting you?

You don’t. Meteor might cause little damage, medium, severe damage or just outright kill everyone depending on your luck.

It’s not possible to block the damage Curse inflicts, but equip the appropriate abilities to block the most severe status ailments (Like Petrify) or those who are crucial for that specific character (like Mute for Garnet/Eiko). Besides for equipping the Ribbon accessory, there’s no way to block ALL status ailments at the same time while still keeping the necessary support abilities equipped (Auto-Haste is a must, for example).

Disregarding any comments Hades may make, I’ll repeat my general assessment of the fight: Get a team that can deal 9999ish attacks at high speed and hit like a moron while healing just about enough so as not get killed. You’ll die most of the time, but eventually you’ll get lucky enough and Ozma will not use it’s strongest attacks on you right away. You only need to survive about four or so rounds to inflict enough damage.