Need help

Okay, I’m using Windows (piece of shit) 98SE, and have just installed Corel Draw 5.
It said, when I attempted to run it, that it needed “MFCOLEUI.dll”, and so I downloaded that, and copied it to “C:\WINDOWS\System”.
But now, when I run it, rather than popping up with a ‘file needed’ window, it gives me the message " “[CorelGraphics5]” section or “Dir=” key not found in WIN.INI"
Does anyone know what that would mean? Or how to rectify my problem?

If any more information is needed, ask me and I’ll see to it.


P.S: I posted this in the Tech Support forum, but I’m not so sure how many people so commonly visit there…


Well doesn’t that suck?

EDIT: Waaaiiiittt…is windows giving you this error, or Corel? What is the directory that win.ini is being searched in?

If windows is such a piece of shit, install another OS and stop whinning.

My, that’s helpful.

What I would suggest is that you uninstall Corel and completely remove any files associated with it. If you’re familiar with the registry, remove any traces of Corel from there as well. Then, reset your computer, and close any programs that are running. If you press CTRL+ALT+DEL, you should only see explorer and systray running. If anything else is running, go ahead and highlight it and press “End Task.” Once you’re down to just those two programs, then try reinstalling Corel.

If you’re still getting the problem, I’m afraid there’s not a lot I can do for you without seeing the machine.

Nah, we can help him. I just need to know the exact contents of the error being displayed.

Its most likely because he just cp-ed the dll, instead of properly installing/expanding it through windows installer. But i won’t know and can’t help him until he responds.

Ah, don’t worry, sorry.
I ended up fixing it… just did what Mr. Saturn said…
Thanks though!