Need help with Wild ARMs 3...

I’m in the Ruins of Dreams. I just passed the room where you have to throw a box onto one of those little pyramid things, and I’m in an area above the room with those red beams…I have NO clue what to do now. Help, please!

You have to blow up the things that are generating the red beams. Remember that room where you threw the box at the pyramid switch? Well, go through the higher up door in that room to reach a room with white gems and generators. Use Clive’s bombs on the power generators.

Ahh, thanks…I thought those generator things were just part of the background. ^^;;

Note to self: When stuck, use every tool on everyTHING.

Kay, have new problem, but dont wanna waste space with a new thread. ^^;;

Can someone please give me the coordinates for the Abyss and the Baba Quo Naga (or whatever) fight?

The Abyss:

X: 25200
Y: 10200

Balal Quo Naga:

X: 18600
Y: 9036

Thanks again.

Oh, forgot to mention one more thing…


If you miss it now, you’ll never get to do it again. All you have to do is go to Ark of Destiny and use Clive’s Grappling Hook to reach the higher up books in the library and read the alien/UFO one. Then, you can talk to Roswell and get the whole thing started. But at least find one of them (you don’t have to fight it) and you’ll be able to reap the rewards later.