need help with ff7

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[b]I would link you to the FFVII shrine, but it totally sucks and the grammar looks like Alwyn designed it.

It’s easy to get confused with the Yuffie side quest, but with the advice everyone gave you, you should be fine. [/b]

yeah, thanks anyway : )

sorry about what was in this box it was because i had just joined and was looking for something different and was in a bad mood

Okay, really… If you’re going to say something make it somewhatb relevent to the topic. Somewhat…

And we’re working on updating and fixing a bunch of shrines, be patient, it’ll happen eventually.

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what do you mean by that? This is thread was started to give people help, so how is that boring?

Yeah, if you don’t like it, why read the thread? Yeesh…