Need help with Disgaea

I have trained my mage as each color of Mage for quite a bit, and transmigrated her SEVERAL times, but I havn’t unlocked the next level of mage yet…what exactly needs to be done before I can get them?

You need one of each a Red, Blue, and Green to be level 35 (pretty sure it’s thirty five…maybe 25 or 30). At the point the next mage class’ll open up.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done that…

Just so we’re clear, do I have to train one person as the right kind of mage til that level, or have them all at the same time?

Is Disgaea any good? I’ve been looking around at stuff from it and seems cool.

It fscking rules. It’s been eating up all my time…and a good chunk of my soul, too. Get it. NOW.

I’m pretty sure you need them all at the same time. Once you’ve made a mage of the next level up you won’t need them all anymore, though.

Thanks…I tried it, and it worked. I spawned a couole of good-for-nothings and leveled them up and dumped them as soon as I transmigrated. I know have a Prism Mage. :slight_smile:

Yes, get Disgaea NOW!

GG, level up your prism mage and you’ll get the most powerful mage-a galaxy mage. I must tell you though, that even a galaxy mage doesn’t get tera spells. You need to level each of the RGB mages to level 100 something to get the tera spells. That’s what I’m doing. I’m starting with a red mage, getting her to level 100 whatever and transmigrating her to blue, then to green, you get the point, so I’ll have a galaxy mage with all the tera spells.

if you leveled up a prisim mage, shouldnt they learn all of each elemental spell, then just transmigrate to a galaxy? instead of wasting time with each r/b/g individually. im not sure as i just got it…but, maybe? just a thought :slight_smile:

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