Need help on FF9?

Hi everybody! I’m new in here. So i’m wondering… If any1 needs help on FF9 then contact me, I know all there is to it.

Also, since I’m new, I’m rooting for some new buddies to talk to.
This is all I’m going to say now, I’ll write again l8tr. =)

We just got a brand-new FF9 Shrine finished, so I think we’re good, thanks. 8p

Any tips on the grand master athlete thingy? :frowning: I can still not do that, and I will not go further until I get it

404’d on the link there, Cid. The ‘9’ is supposed to be ‘ix’ :wink:

You spoony bard!

couldn’t resist, sorry

Bah, Cid’s a busy man, he can’t be bothered to see if the links he post are right or not!

Refresh my memory, what was that?

It’s final fantasy IX (9). It’s a great rpg series

No, I mean stratagies on how to easily fight monsters and bosses…

Those are there too.

The thing where you spam like o and x and try to make the guy run as fast as you can. The hippo dude.

Srry, I ment battle stratagies, what to do when the enemy dose this…

I could barely beat lv 14 because i get tireed lol

Oh, the Hippaul Race, I thought that was pretty simple. Now rope-jumping… has anyone ever one that thing?

I didn’t notice, there are no card stratagies. ha! lol

I mean the hippaul race where you have to beat him 80 times in a row, now thats hard since he gets better every time.

the jump rope 1? i got to 147 how about you?

Sorry people im playing ff9 right now

any1 want tips on how to kill yans easily?

my e-mail is so just e-mail me if u wanna talk

Card strategies? Considering a) half of it is random, b) the other half is boring, and c) none of the cards mean anything, I don’t think too many people care. 8p

Please don’t double post. And please don’t triple, quadruple or QUINTUPLE post either. There’s an Edit button for a reason.

Finally, this is a forum. We discuss things here. People aren’t going to e-mail you for help in a six-year-old game which can easily be found in dozens of other places.

If it’s a “six-year-old” game how come it’s your favourate? lol! check your profile

why do you even care about me? are you a babysitter or something?

Yes, he’s a mod.

So am I. Stop fucking <small>(double-)</small>posting.

what’s your pro.? I’m new and I’m just learning about this stuff. No need to spaz…
also I need one reminder to stop ok?!

Clearly, you are.

Obey the rules. Don’t doublepost. Stop sounding like a buttercup.

Trust The Computer. The Computer is Your Friend.

I said I only need 1 reminder, I’m clean now. I know ok

Every1 including me need to just chill… I’ll take it.

I’m sort of angry at my FFIX right now, but I’ll talk to you if I need something. By the way, don’t argue with the mods it usually doesn’t help :).