Need help identifying a song

I’m fairly certain it’s from a 70s rock song. I don’t remember most of it, just one particular riff that gets repeated a bunch. The song is probably instrumental, but I’m not certain.

I made a midi of the riff in question:

It’s got a real heavy electric sound, and more bassy than the file I made. Anyone heard the song that it’s from?

EDIT: If you’re just joining us, the song was identified. You may go about your business. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. >.>

Man! That sounds so familiar! Unfortunately I don’t recognize it enough to know the band nor the song title. I’ll see if any of my friends know…

I’m thinking aerosmith for some reason… don’t ask me why. It just really really reminds me of them.
I can’t think of what song.

Yeah it kind of reminds me of Aerosmith too. My friend said it’s Led Zeppelin, but I don’t believe him! I’ve heard almost every Led Zeppelin song there is, and while there’s ones that have similar riffs, I don’t remember one that’s exactly like that.

Are you sure you tabbed out the timing correctly?

It is.

It’s “Sweet Emotion”

Yeah, I got it to him in the chat.
I thought you were in there… guess not :frowning:

Kaiser Whilhem is right; it is “Sweet Emotion”! That particular riff comes in at about 40 seconds into the studio version. You totally tabbed it wrong, though! hahaha.

He tabbed it well enough for us to recognize it.
It’s (not exact on this…) D B# A… E F# F# E G G E G# A

There’s no such thing as B#! It’s C. Although I guess you could technically still say that… but seriously, man, it’s C.

Like I said, I’m not exact on it.
I suck when it comes to any sort of music composition outside of tablature with numbers for frets
Although I’ll keep that in mind now :stuck_out_tongue:
I knew it was that there was no E#, and there was one other x.x;

Just for the record, it’s A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#. A lot of the sharps are commonly used as flats, for instance some people call D# Eflat(I don’t know how to make the flat icon on a keyboard). But there’s no B or E sharp… there could be, but then there goes regular C and F. You’re goin all over funky town if you do that! Just kidding, I don’t know what key funky town is in… probably G, though.

for flat, I just use b. It’s basically what it looks like anyway.
I was learning Music Theory awhile back, but everytime I start, I have to try to avoid shooting myself.

yeah, I hear that. I’m practically all self-taught. The only “lessons” I have is from music class in high school, and all I learnt there was the notes, time signatures, and note durations. I think that’s all I really need to know at this point anyways. I already know how to form a major chord and a minor chord(major is the 1st, 3rd and 5th of a scale, minor is 1st, 3rd, and 7th of a scale I THINK, I’m not positive), I wouldn’t mind learning more about diminished chords though. I really like the diminished sound… I was thinking of getting lessons, but I need that more for bass than guitar, because I think I’m fairly effecient guitar-wise. And then there’s the whole wanting to buy a keyboard… I’m sure that would help out my guitar and bass playing greatly, atleast, when it comes to scales.

Well, I know a major scale is… W W H W W W H
C D E F G A B C is the newbie major scale…
Natural Minor is… W H W W H W W
But that’s about all I can remember

I have a keyboard, and I toy around on it occasionally. I have the beginning of Aeris’ theme pretty well down pat (bass and treble clefs)

Thanks Kaiser, Steve! :biggrin:

Yeah, it was somewhat different than the midi that I transcribed. It had been in my head for two months though without hearing it again, so cut me some slack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, technically you can say B#. Also keep in mind that there are the (mostly)useless double sharps and double flats (C## = D, for example).

a minor chord is just like a major chord but with a minor third instead of a major third. you add a (major or minor) 7th to either for a different sound.

Yeah, you’re right. I forgot that the add7th chords are different chords all together. They’re really cool sounding, imo. I’m a big fan of any minor chord, actually. As for major… eh it’s good in moderation but I don’t like that happy sound in my music too much.