need help how to get airship

hello everybody im new to this site i rly need help getting the airship anyone that can help plz reply! :slight_smile:

Tame the raging fires in your loins and all will be revealed.

I got my airship from a black dude who bitched about getting shot and only had one eye.

EDIT: I thought it was wrong to take this poor newbie’s post as a joke and be mean about it with that terrible movie reference.
Look up “derigibles” on wikipedia, or “Hindenburg” or “Zeppelin.” Any of those would help you a lot. Or, you can ask me personally, since I carry the spirit of David Hindenburg in my loins.

What game?

There is, of course, only a single RPG in existence in the world.

Beyond the Beyond?

[strike]Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2?[/strike] Chrono Trigger?

You need a disguise, and don’t say anything while onboard.

  2. Cid
  3. Cid
  4. Cid
  5. Cid
  6. C… Setzer
  7. C… id Highwind indeed.
  8. No airship in the game, it’s a spaceship
  9. Cid
    X) Cid
    X-2) You have it right away.
    XI) Leeloo Dallas, Multipass. I think this thing had a level cap of some sort.
    XII) I don’t have this yet.

Here buddy! Hope you are a man of means.

Buy about 10000 macs (the coats, not the computers…), glue them all into a long sausage shape so they’re airtight, fill it with helium and pray you’ve tethered it to something substantial. Then, stick a large sheet of plastic on the back to act as a rudder, rig up a steering mechanism, attach a basket or some other sort of cabin, and away you go!

Also get a puncture repair kit.

Or you could build a sausage shaped pinata, cover it in cloth, then coat the cloth in several layers of dummy rocket fuel, and fill it with Hydrogen. You’ll need a place to sit as well so you should bind it to a lawn chair using the handy man’s secret weapon Duct Tape and take a shotgun up with you as well so that you have some means of getting yourself down.

Or you could not do all of that, and instead tell us in which game are you looking for an airship.

(editor’s note: I’m not trying to be offensive, but it is hard to help someone when they don’t specify their questions.):hint:

You forgot that Mid also helps you get it in V.
XII- You have it almost at the beginning, but you don’t get to fly it yourself until Balthier says so.
So 12=Balthier.

Best take some industrial ear-defenders and some extra-strength sun cream as well.

Best Lawnchair Larry reference ever!

how do i [STRIKE]shot web[/STRIKE] got airship

I have one. PM me for details.

There’s also the fact that it gets banged up a little in 12 for a while until Nono finishes repairing it.