Need help for Abandoned Places

Hello everyone there!
I’m experiencing some problems playing this cool classic for Amiga/PC. It seems that to find the locations of the dungeons in the game is essential the map of the world of Kalynthia wich was included in the box of the game. Does somebody have it?

Home of the Underdogs has the manuals of all its games. Check it out, lion.

Sorry but unfortunately I do not think you will be able to find the infomation you are looking for here. Of all of the places I’ve tried wikipedia was probably the best place I could find. It at least has a link to another website where you can download the instruction manual. If this isn’t enough then all I can suggest is that you should try to google it. Otherwise you will probably have to experiment and make your own map.

I apologize for not being more useful. Though if you’re feeling up to it maybe you would want to make a shrine for Abandoned Places to help gamers in the future.

edit: damn I was to slow. >.<