Need help badly!

I’m trying to quit smoking. However, it seems the harder I try to quit, the more addicted I get. I’ve been smoking since I was 11, and I’m 17 now.

I’d like some ideas on how to quit, other than patches and gum, as I’ve tried that, and quitting cold turkey will put me in bed for a few weeks. I don’t need that, I need to pass school, so I can graduate this year.

All help will be appreciated.

Whenever you feel like smoking, take a look at this picture:

Omigosh, it does? :thinking:

Since you were fucking 11? Jesus fucking christ man. Urgh. I’d smack you so fucking hard if I could :P.

There’s little you can do about nicotine withdrawal aside from the patches. Nicotine is extremely addictive. You also have to take note of your smoking habits, like under what conditions you’ll end up smoking, because smoking isn’t just physical, especially after all these years. Also if your friends smoke, have them not smoke around you. If you need a stimulant to help you going since that’s what it sounds like, try coffee or shit with caffeine in it although I don’t know how much that will fix your problem.

If you’re utterly incapable of thinking long term about what smoking will do to you (I know cancer doesn’t mean much to kids, but there’s a lot more bad shit that can happen than cancer, although cancer is about as bad as it gets - lung cancer is extremely lethal), then think of it on a shorter term basis, how you won’t taste like an ashtray when you kiss a girl and how much money you’ll save by not buying cigarettes.

Ultimately, you need to stand on your own 2 feet. If you’re too weak to fight your addiction then that’s your problem and whining to us about it will do you little good. When religious people pray to God for help, I look at them and tell them “God helps people who help themselves”. Ultimately, this is something you’re going to have to do and confront and putting the responsibility of fixing your problem on others will only mean the continuation of your addiction. You need to figure out for yourself why you want to stop smoking, why its important to you and if that isn’t enough for you to push yourself through then tough shit man. No matter what little stupid tricks people might say about chewing gum, it rests on your shoulders to put up with the difficulties of quitting your addiction.

If my 65-year old grandma who’s been smoking for about 45 years can kick the habit, I’m sure you can.

The trick is really really wanting to quit. If even a part of you wants to keep smoking, you will.

I can’t claim to have smoked as much as you, but I was a smoker for a while. I was up to smoking a pack a day for almost two years. I quit about 4 years ago now, and I never went back.

I managed to quit because of two reasons.

1: Money. I was in college at the time, and I had very little money. I decided I’d rather buy food and beer than cigarettes with my little money.

2: Pride. This was the real reason I quit. A friend of mine said that he had never met anyone who quit smoking for good. Then he berated me for a while, saying I couldn’t do it. And he made a bet with me that I couldn’t stop for two months. So I was determined to prove him wrong. My pride and my ego refused to let me smoke another cigarette. I won the bet, and never went back to smoking again. He was a good friend.

I never understood why somebody born after cigarettes were discovered to have ill effects on one’s health would want to smoke. It’s just disgusting. The way I think about it is you’re rolling God’s knows what into paper, setting it on fire, and breathing the fumes…no thank you. Besides smelling like an ash tray and having yellow teeth, I find little room for sympathyfor smokers.

That being said, my mom smoked for over thirty years (I hated her for it), but she finally quit. Like others have said, “If she could do it, so can you.”

Now hurry the hell up and but that damn thing out.

I’ve given a few kicks in the morals to people around me for smoking, including my parents who have been at the habit ever since THEY were as young as me. And still going. Looks like I’ll have to ring the bells again soon.

One thing I know which works on cutting back is to keep a diary on how many cigs you smoke during a single week, then divide by seven. Next week, reduce by one. It’s a start, okay? I have a friend in my workplace who has dropped from 9 cigs to 5 a day after I recommended her the technique. Plus, she admits she’s ashamed to smoke in front of her 6-yo son, so it was an easy task to give a few swift kicks in the morals.

Of course, you could always think about the amount of games/candy/movies you could see with the money you smoke away. And Sin’s ashtray kiss is a good thing to mention too.

All I had to do was simply QUIT. I haven’t picked up a cigarette in over a year. It will give you great discomfort, but you also WILL feel better (physically, mentally, and emotionally) after you’re through. Act on your desire to rid yourself of this.

  1. You need to realize that there isn’t really any reason to smoke, to continue to smoke or to even have started.
  2. Quit.

You guys make it sound so damn easy.

Its a frigging addiction. Of course he knows its bad for you and there is no good reason to smoke. He smokes because he is addicted!

And who cares if your grandma/parent/friend quit. That “If so-and-so can do it, so can you,” thing is bullshit. Everyone’s body reacts to things differently, and people have different levels of addiction to the same substance. Not everyone is strong enough to quit smoking.

What you need to do, Kaiok, is find a motivation that works for you. Whether it is money, health, family, pride, whatever. Muster up all the willpower you have and get that monkey off your back.

It’s an interesting question that I’d like to have an answer for, because I know smokers of my age and lower (Sadly, way lower) who I can’t imagine giving a crap about peer pressure. When I see the time my classmates spend devising plans on how to smoke during school hours it really makes me wonder what could they do if all that time and brainstorming went to something productive. Not to mention cigs are worth a goddamn kidney here thanks to taxes.

Although to be honest, I do appreciate the smoke smell in the bathroom, it’s much more pleasant than the otherwise “natural” scent. Granted a can of air spray would do the same, but I can’t expect that in there.

I guess I’m one of the lucky few that is immune to peer pressure. Actually none of my classmates that I was close to smoked, only the bullies and otherwise low IQ people did. Ever since I started cool, I never did anything just because others have said it was “cool”. That word mean absolutely nothing to me. I suppose that made my decision not to smoke easier.

As for others, I know they’re addicted. My mom had to try to quit several times before she did for good. I was merely suggesting that looking at smoking objectvely (What are you actually doing when you smoke? See my last post) and hoping it would be one motivation to quit.

This is a a good cue to talk about addiction.

Like you had said previously, Xero, smoking is about getting a lot of substances you don’t know (well, a lot of them known, and known to be poisonous), burning them and breathing the fumes. It actually makes no sense if you stop to ponder. Then just why do people enjoy it?

The answer is that fumes of tobacco (and a lot other adictives they put in cigarettes) stimulate a part of your brain called “Reward System”. This is the part that is stimulated when you eat, have sex, play videogames etc.

Now analyze the profile of people who get into smoking young nowadays. They want a life, but most of them don’t have any hope to get laid, don’t have enough self-steem to resist social pressure, don’t practice sports and so on. So, in order to get their pleasure neurons firing, they end up resorting to alcohol and tobacco (or worst, illicit drugs). If they start these vices while young, they’ll have a hard time quitting it later, because their neurons will associate the addiction substance presence with pleasure and its absence with displeasure.

So, when you say that in your school, only bullies and “low IQ” people would smoke, think of it: they’re either people who don’t enjoy the fun of the best things in life, or go for immediate pleasures rather than long lasting ones.

They way to get someone like that out of the addiction is not showing them how stupid smoking is, but rather getting them to experience lots of things that may be more entertaining than smoking.

Speaking of addiction, I simply can’t give up coffee. It’s so wonderful. Caffeeeeeeine… :D~~

If you’re alone and feel like smoking, go outside and sprint until you feel like your lungs are going to burst. Walk until you’ve recuperated, then sprint again. Do this until you’re exhausted. Go inside, drink a glass of water, and shower. You won’t feel like smoking. Moreover, you’ll build up your will power and get in better shape.

shakes head How stupid. My dad smoked for 60+ years, and he quit. Stop being a pussy.

No one likes a quitter!

Yeah, my father quit smoking about five times until it worked. It was never a fun experience for him… and us. The mood swings could get annoying, especially since he had a pretty volatile temper to begin with (Which admittedly, I inherited to the last detail).

I was going to reply but Ren already covered everything I had to say. Of course, thinking logically, smoking is nothing but slow-paced suicide, but there are people who don’t know better ways to get their kicks. It’s a stupid decision, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are entirely stupid.

Hrm. I have ONE reason to quit (GF), but she keeps tellin me not to -.-. Which, you know, makes it harder to quit, since my loved one dun want me to. I guess I’ll just try patches again :-\