Need help again!

How do you get Maribel to leave the party? I have went to Fishbel and talked to the father and mother, but nothing happens… Did I miss something? I have the walkthru from
I am at the part where she should be leaving… Please help me…


It would help if you said what game they were from. Not all of us are mind readers. Some are, but I, for one, can tell you that they don’t know what game you’re referring to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragon Warrior 7, Shinryu.

Have you completed the past sequences for Probina, Loomin, and Mardra? If so, when you leave the Ancient Fane, you should notice a guy from Fishbel who tells you about Amitt’s condition. That should trigger the event.

Also, during the event, go and talk to Borkano.