Need FF6 Help

I just started replaying FF6 (the FF Anthology version) and I’m stuck on the Vargas-Sabin fight. I can’t get Sabin’s stupid blitzses to work!! And you apparently cannot win the fight without using them (I hate things like that in RPGs.) > <

I’m playing the game on my PS2. Could it be the control that doesn’t work right? I don’t have any problems with them, otherwise. Or am I imputting the commands too soon? (or too late?)

I remember I had problems using the Blitzes on the PS one too. I could never pull the Bum Rush, for example. But I beat Vargas easily.

Quick answer, please, I want to pass this and get on with the game (why is the saving point so far from Vargas?? I have to fight half a dozen random fights every time I reset!) >_<

Thank you Wil, I was stuck on that freakin’ part for, promise you won’t laugh…like, six years. I couldn’t get it right, ever. Then again, it’s probably not for the same reason, but I just thought I was the only one.

Anyway, for me, it’s because I thought you had to punch the the combo just before Sabin had that yellow aura came over him, but then I read the instructions and understood that I had to put it in right when the cursor was on Sabin and then push X. I was always told I didn’t listen to instructions well. -__- Anyway, I have a feeling I didn’t help you, so all I can say is best of luck.

GOT HIM!! I indeed needed to imput the Blitz after the arrow appeared: I was doing it right after selecting “blitz”. (Hey, it’s not THAT obvious, and I haven’t played this game in years!) Thanks Mull!! :cool:

A little tip? Most of the Blitzes that require a diagonal motion have easier, alternate Left instead of Down DL Left. And Bum Rush is, I believe, Left Left Up Up Right Right Down Down Left, if memory serves.

Eh? So you can replace down-dl-left with just left and the Blitz works? Ok, I’ll try that. Any other shortcuts?

AuraBolt: Down, Down, Left
Fire Dance: Left, Left, Down, Down, Right
Air Blade: Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
Bum Rush: Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left

From Atom Edge’s FAQ

It’s a LOT easier to do them the way that Gamer5389 just listed. That’s the way I’ve done them all for years.

No problem. I love helping folks. Enjoy the game, I haven’t even finished it yet. :toast:

Wasn’t Anthology one of the games that was offically NOT supposed to work on the PS2? O_O

I believe it was merely a problem with the save menus, which is overcomable, and applies moreso to FF5 anyways. Something to that effect.

Works for me. I played it this morning.

Never used Sabin much, though. Edgar was a better person to suit the way I fight.

I’m not having any problems at all with the game on the PS2, other than the Blitz thing, which now seems to be resolved.

Gamer: Thanks, I’ll try those too. :slight_smile:

Haven’t played all the way through FF5 on my PS2 but I’ve never had a single graphics glitch through ah, somewhere in the second world.
That was playing through a Greatest Hits copy bought new like a year and a half ago.

It’s only with FFV I’ve noticed, and it doesn’t seem to ruin much of anything, just a bit glitchy when you save it. Nothing to have a fuss over I’d say.

There’s a pretty major glitch on FFV if you’re on a first generation PS2 with a first print copy of FFV, and it only deals with the save menu.

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if your still having trouble you need to use blitz push in blitz press nothing else apart from left right left once then click ok button and vargas should be brought down if i remember



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There been a few glitches on My Pal System, only when I’ve had the Enhancements set on. all Graphical, It’s happened to Me with 7 too, but It’s just as I saved, therefore No Problem. Just hit reset and Continue from save.

… I’m a geek. I was like, half-expecting someone to say that one of them was Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.