Need Cheaper Net Provider

OK, my Cable Net Provider’s services have gone up (not the internet- the Cable service) so that I’m now paying 75$ a month for the bundle. That’s too expensive for me right now. And no, I can’t reduce the Cable costs, I already have the lowest cost package. My current Net account is 24$ dollars. I keep hearing of cheaper services- Netzero, Netscape, etc. I also hear terrible things about AOL. So, those of you with actual experience with these services: WHICH one should I buy? I don’t care about special services, I just want a cheap, fast connection (I’m on 128K right now.) If you please.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not very familiar with these services, but I can tell you this: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS PRECIOUS DON’T INSTALL AOL. It’s like leaving your children under the care of a serial murderer with pedophiliac tendencies.

Yeah, what Seraphim said. I used to have an AOL account, and every time you coonect to the internet, they rape you for about a dollar each time. I also had my service disconnected in Dec. 2001, and they charged me for four more months without my knowledge, thus ruining my credit. fucking bastards.

You people apparently don’t know how to scam AOL out of free service. Sure, it sucks, but when all else fails, I can still get free dial-up.

I’d rather pay twice of what my DSL costs than use that shit again. And I can get permanent free dial-up from Fullzero in my country.

did you guys know that the entire point of paying for cable when it first came out was that it was supposed to be commercial free?

That sure lasted long.