Need advice on getting a refund.

Okay, so signed up for a Winter Semester class - one of those semesters that’s super-concentrated, with 3-4 hour classes in the span of a month instead of regular class times? Well, I signed up for it, but I never actually paid for it, planning to pay for it later since for some reason, they won;t allow me to actually PAY for classes as soon as I can sign up for them. Whatever. Point is, I found out that the classes actually started THIS WEEK, and I had no idea. Never got any notice about requiring payment at all. But I didn’t worry about it since I never actually PAID for anything, so I wasn’t out anything, right? Well, turns out, my Father got the info instead and paid for it. If I drop it now, I can maybe get 25% of the tuition fee back. Question is, is there any way I can fight this since I never got a single fucking sign of this class coming up, a bill, or notice of bill received? Or am I just fucked?

You didn’t miss much. Just go to your class. Whatever little you missed you can make up for.

Can’t - don;t have reliable access to get there until Monday - after a full week of a 3-week course is already done. and the school’s attendance policy states after one Jan plan class missed without a medical excuse results in my grade dropping a full letter for every additional day missed. Considering English is not my best class, and the fact father told me to cancel it - well, plenty of reasons, good and bad, but I dropped it. But it doesn’t matter. forget it.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt you’ll be able to get a refund. Colleges are ruthless about their refunding policies. My suggestion is to go to the last two weeks, work like mad to make up missed readings, and either cajole the professor into dropping the late penalty by explaining your situation to him, or swallowing the late penalty. You say English isn’t your best class. I take it then this is for a requirement. Its better just to get the requirement done even if you have to take a C or B-.