Need a program for comic balloons

If I don’t get it I’ll do it by hand… But if someone could indicate me one, I’d like to use a program for automatic speech balloon placing in images.

By the way, it’s for a webcomic I’m making with screenshots of a game. I’ll post some pics here when I’m done.

If you have Photoshop, word bubbles are pretty easy to make. Here’s the excerpt from Nuklear Power’s FAQ.

Q: How do you make them there word bubbles?
A: Word bubbles are quite easy with Photoshop. It may sound complex, but it takes less than a minute. First, you type out your text, usually centered and arrange it how you want it to look. Then draw a white oval around the text on a layer under it. Merge these two layers. Make another layer under the oval-text and draw a little white square. Rotate/move it to sort of “point” at the talking character. Merge this layer with the oval-text one. Now, with PS 6.0 anyway, apply a 4 pixel wide black “stroke” effect for the border. You’re done. If you’re using an earlier version of Photoshop, then you’ll want to use the magic wand selector to click outside the bubble, select inverse (to actually select the bubble), and go to Selection->Modify->Expand and select 3 or 4 pixels. From there, it’s easiest to make a new layer under the bubble, fill the selection black, and merge it with the bubble to give it a snazzy border. Done.

It’s not automatic placement, but it looks nice.

Oh heck, you can make speech bubbles in MS Paint. Just use one color for the border of the bubble and another color for the filling, choose a shape, and have at it.

Of course, photoshop does make prettier ones with its fancy shmancy Bezier line tools. :stuck_out_tongue: