Need a game.

I’m totally played out. -_- I’ve played every single one of my PSX/PS2 games at least three times. I need one (or two, I guess) games to tide me over until June, when SO3 comes out (nothing in between really piques my interest). Here’s what I have:

-every PSX and PS2 FF game, including FFT and FFX-2… not the remakes/collections though.
-Xenogears and Xenosaga
-Star Ocean 2
-Tales of Destiny
-Chrono Cross
-Kingdom Hearts
-Wild ARMs

As for what I’m not interested in… I think I’d rather rent BoF5 before playing it, since I’m not very happy with the idea of playing a game completely inside a cave. I’m also a bit leery of Disgaia… strategy games are really hit-or-miss with me; if they get too complicated I get scared off. Also, I tried Vagrant Story and gave it back.

So… any ideas? :sunglasses: Preferably PS2 games, since they’re easier to find…although PSX games would be a bit cheaper, I guess.

How about Suikoden 3? Or the third Saga Frontier (name escapes me now?) and I still find Pokemon Advance fun.

Get Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for XBOX or PC. It is great and very replayable.

Mario and Luigi Superstar saga, though its GBA.

PSX: Lunar 1, 2, Legend of Mana.

Get Disgaea. Disgaea is literally one of the BEST RPGs I have ever played. And not since Chrono Trigger have I played a game with so much freakin’ replay value. Even if you’re not too wild about strategic RPGs, it’s a damn great game. If nothing else, give it a rent.

Cid, I know nothing will change your mind, but can you change the misconception of ‘the world is a cave’? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not like it’s not a world. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s towns and stuff; just like FF10, there’s not not a world map :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you only interested in rpgs, or any game?
If any game will do, SSX 3 can occupy quite a bit of your time.

Suikoden 3 was fun and I’m currently enjoying Dark Cloud 2 so those are two possibilities. Even though you said you’re not really into strategy games you might want to at least rent (if you can find it) Disegaea. The plot is fun and packed with tons of jokes which will appeal to older gamers, a few highlights include your arch nemesis “Mid-Boss,” a fight to the death with the Power Rangers, and even a running gag on Flash Gorden. You can finish the game in a reasonable amount of time, with characters that will finish around level 120, but if you’re interested there’s tons of other stuff to do afterwards. You’ve got 5 additional areas with even stronger monsters and the item world which gives you unlimited replay with random maps. The only thing missing really is a battle mode to answer such questions are which character is stronger, my level 2000 Paladin, or Qpz4’s level 2000 Mage…

Try playing Dynasty Warriors for a change of pace. It has RPG elements in it and it’s somewhat based on history so you’ll actually learn something. Other than that play Star Wars KOTOR and Champions of Norrath.

Originally posted by Kairi
Are you only interested in rpgs, or any game?
Beat me to it. PS2 games suck in general, but their RPGs are still one of the worse genres they have, with the Exception of Xenosaga and FFX, which are still leagues above any other game out to date.

If you want a good PS2 game and you like a challenge, go pick up Shinobi, or any other action game for PS2, though most of them aren’t challenging in the least (MGS2, anyone? That’s almost beatable in less time than MMX5.) I really recommend Shinobi though.

Get Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Sorry, but I’m really gonna have to advise against buying a game that had 10+ copies on the Used Bargain Shelf at EB the day after it’s realease.

Kotor is like a Shittified Shinobi/Devil May Cry. Hell, even Chaos Legion is a thousand times better. If you consider getting Kotor, get one of those instead.

Can’t go wrong with a mix of DDR and a mat >_>;

…I’d suggest Devil May Cry, (The first one, mind you.) and quite possibly, Dark Chronicle. Both have good action.

Originally posted by Tomiko

Kotor is like a Shittified Shinobi/Devil May Cry. Hell, even Chaos Legion is a thousand times better. If you consider getting Kotor, get one of those instead.

umm, I think you’re thinking about a different game. KOTOR is an rpg, not an action game. It really doesn’t even have any elements that could be compared to those three games you mentioned.

What about pc adventure games? Like Monkey Island?

Oh yes, go for the old PC adventure games. Wonderfully entertaining time wasters, those are. Go here, grab those two. Truly awesome, especially the second.

I’ll second the Lunar (both on PSX) suggestions. The graphics are old, but I’m sure you’ve heard people around here proclaiming their love for the games more than once. You might want to try Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (PS2), too. It is a strategy-rpg, but not the grid-based kind. Instead, the characters each have their own range of movement each time they go. It’s not a game that excels in any one area, but strangely enough it’s an all-together solid package when taken as a whole.

You could always download NetHack and have it steal your soul. You could also give one of the Armored Core games a try (I recommend Silent Line if you can find it). Renting Soul Calibur 2 might help blow off some steam for a weekend.
If you can find it Arc the Lad Collection is a way better buy than TOS. You get 3 complete games (grid based SRPGs but very lightly done, you don’t feel like you are in a strategy game) and an expansion for the 2nd one. That and Tosh is frickin’ awesome.

Games that aren’t worth your time:
Unlimited Saga (has no real point, is now serving as a microwaved wallhanging)
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land (a long block movement dungeon crawl)

Originally posted by Tomiko
Sorry, but I’m really gonna have to advise against buying a game that had 10+ copies on the Used Bargain Shelf at EB the day after it’s realease.

When I went in to pick up my copy of Xenosaga the day it came out, there were already used ones on the bargain shelf at Gamestop. What’s your point?

I did specifically say PSX/PS2. I don’t use my PC for playing games. ^^; And I’m only interested in RPGs, sorry. Action games get old too quickly to warrant a buy in my opinion.

About the Lunar games… I’ve tried the GBA Lunar and I wasn’t too impressed by it. I find it pretty hard to play those generic turn-based RPGs now. ^^; I tend to get bored very quickly.

I’m also leery of any SaGa games or Mana games. I’ve never finished any SaGa games, and the only Seiken Densetsu game I finished was SoM. They don’t really appeal to me.

I should really do some renting. -_- Problem is that I know I won’t be getting my money’s worth when I rent because of my fairly busy schedule. Hrm…

I remember Monkey Island! What ever happened to it…?

As for games I’d suggest: try Fire Emblam for the GBA. Lots of fun, if you like stratagies.

Cid: The Lunar games are definitely Old School, but don’t let THAT stop you from playing them. And for heaven’s sake don’t judge Lunar: SSS by the GBA version!! What makes the Lunar games so appealing is the CHARACTERS. By the time you finish the game, you feel like you’re saying goodbye to old friends. It has a level of character detail most RPGs wish they had.

And the HUMOR!! You can click on almost ANYTHING or ANYONE in this game and get a genuinely funny remark. Heck, I kept revisiting towns just to see if people had new funny things to say… and they did.

Of course, I can’t tell if you would enjoy it like I did, but Lunar (especially the first) was definitely an unforgettable playing experience.