Need a favor.

Anyone with any of my music videos, please contact me any way possible.
IRC: #edensworld

This is extremely important to me, and I kindly ask that this be stickied.
Edit: Such ones as the two Street Fighter videos. The Kingdom Hearts video… a cowboy bebop one if I’m not mistaken.
Edit2: Thankya much for the sticky ^^

I have most of them. But whats in this for me?

Well, Steve, since I can’t AIM ya, I apparently CAN zip you my two copies, then leave it in my shrine for an hour or so, long enough for you to download and save it. Now I just hafta learn how in the nine hellsdo I do said task.

Charle: I can make it worth your while.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
I have most of them. But whats in this for me?

Uh, you’ll get a thanks from me.
Edit: Real fucking funny. See how you like being blocked, asshole.

Awwwww, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was so immportant that you could just end a friendship like this. That sucks.

<img src=“”> Didn’t you ask for this weeks ago?

i got a KH video, and three CB, and 0 street fighter.

I have the street fighter one, but I can’t send until about 3PM EST when I’m home and awake.

TD: Uh, longer than that. It was a few weeks before I was banned, but no one posted.
Alyx: I love you.
Zero: You’re on my AIM, just contact me whenever it’s best for you.
Charl: Yeah, uh, it’s overall. You’re pretty goddamn annoying. That’s all I’m saying right now.

i’ll try to get on AIM later today… or tomarrow, I got grounded so… definately by Friday though. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised you took me seriously. I have 3 or 4 videos on my old hard drive. But now I’m not even gonna bother looking. Cuz you hurt my feelings. Jerk.

Let’s shut up about it.